Road Trip Ready?! Take our Quiz!

Are You Ready For a Cross Country Adventure?!

We’ve put together a quick 10 question cross country road trip quiz to help you decide if you’re ready for this kind of adventure. First off, decide if you’re going to travel solo or with someone else.

Travel Quiz

1. Do you enjoy driving? If not, you pretty much have a fundamental problem. Unless of course you can find someone who does! I’ve been lucky enough to have a wife who does almost all of our driving. Just make sure if you’re riding shotgun, you like to navigate and you’re good at it.


2. Is your vehicle reliable? This is one of the most fundamental pieces of a positive road trip experience. Why? Because if your vehicle breaks down you’re going to be spending time and money getting it back on the road. Unless you’re mechanically inclined or basically McGuyver.

3. Are you good at spending time alone? Let’s face it, if you’re going cross country it’s going to take a while! If you can barely stand to spend the weekend by yourself you might want to reconsider whether or not you want that much alone time. Eating meals at a table for one, singing solo in the car, and generally being happy or at least content with exploring (and solving problems) on your own are all things to consider.

Something to consider:

If you’ll be traveling with someone else, ask yourself whether or not you can spend a lot of time with them. If the answer is yes, lucky you! If the answer is no…well, maybe you should consider someone else or hop back up to that traveling – alone question.

4. Do you have some money socked away? How much you’ll need all depends on how you plan on traveling. If you’re a boutique hotel only kinda guy and you plan on eating out for every single meal you’re going to spend a lot more than the person who’s putting back Cup Noodles in the Wal Mart parking lot (ask us about this lol, no really.)

You’re halfway done with our travel quiz…

5. Do you want to make new memories and new friends? We crave new experiences and are always open to making new friends. Part of our current road trip while on assignment for dapperQ has been looking for LGBTQ friendly places, spaces and of course, allies. Our search has led to many, many things we will never forget and new friends we hope to see again soon! Have you seen what we thought about Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree and the Wichita Mountains?

6. Are you comfortable with uncertainty? Even if you’re not (I mean, really, who is comfortable with it all the time?) you still might be ready for road tripping! It would at least be good practice at pushing out of your comfort zone. Just know that life on the road often has unexpected surprises so it’s helpful if you are good (or at least practiced) with leaning into the unknown.

DSCF61667. Can you get by with less “stuff” than you normally do? If the thought of leaving behind all 26 pairs of shoes makes you really uncomfortable then let’s set some goals to help you get ready for road life. Because you’re going to need to cut back, way back, on the things you’ll be bringing. See our Road Trip Packing List for ideas on what we brought.

And then there’s the work issue…

8. Do you have the time? This probably is one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle. Because driving cross country isn’t exactly something you can do on a long weekend. Especially if you have to drive back lol. If you don’t have the time, is it possible for you to work on the road? If not and this kind of lifestyle is important to you, this might just be the most important life change you could make in order to live out your dream. Either that or start saving up vacation and sick days!


Some would say this is the key to a great trip.

9. Do you have friends or family sprinkled across the country? Trust us when we say that pulling into the driveway of a buddy or relative after a long stretch of highway feels soooooooo good. We’ve been so lucky to have been welcomed into several people’s homes with open arms on several different occasions. Never underestimate the power of an actual bed, a hot shower, a clean towel, the ability to do laundry and a home cooked meal over laughter and hours of catching up. We hope to pay it forward to any travelers coming in or near Asheville so let us know!


10. Do you mind being a dirt ball? Road trips in and of themselves lend themselves to less than pristine conditions. We’ve done laundry a number of times but there’s been some stretches when we can hardly stand ourselves! If you can handle the grunge and grime and actually enjoy skipping showers, the road life might just be for you!

Country Road Trip Quiz Results:

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you might just be ready to go cross country! Especially if you answered yes to more than one. No worries if you didn’t answer yes to any of them but it’s still something you want to do. Like all things, set small goals for yourself and practice by taking small, short trips near home and then increasing your radius as you get more comfortable. You can do it! Honestly, just having the desire to do it is half the battle, the rest is planning for it!

Have you travelled cross country? If so, what’d you think? Are we missing anything?



Published by Erin McGrady

Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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