a photograph of layers of mountains that are darker in the foreground and then progressively, with each layer, get brighter and bluer. The sky is vibrant pink and has a long, thin cloud in it. In the very center are a few small dots that are the roofs of homes and a small green field.
Sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC!

Authentic Asheville is a camper van travel blog that focuses on travel in Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond. It’s also meant to be used as a resource for those interested in the Ram Promaster City van with a Wayfarer Conversion Kit. Articles include camper van DIY ideas, tips and tricks, trip recommendations, gear reviews, best places to eat and drink, and LGBTQ+ safe spaces.

Caroline Whatley and Erin McGrady are the duo behind Authentic Asheville. We are digital nomads who work as photographers, writers, and content creators.

Welcome to our van life travel community!

Asheville Adventures

The best things to see and do in Asheville, North Carolina.

Erin McGrady sitting in ENO's SkyLoft Hammock in the meadow area at Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC. She is wearing a straw hat and is holding a cup with beer in it and offering one to a blurred out hand in the foreground.

Best Places to Hammock in Asheville, North Carolina

There are so many fun things to do in and around western North Carolina. The region has miles of scenic trails, moreContinue reading “Best Places to Hammock in Asheville, North Carolina”

photograph of some of the best murals in Asheville, North Carolina

Best Instagram Spots in Asheville

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to find murals. It’s fun to walk around and discover themContinue reading “Best Instagram Spots in Asheville”

Camper Van Life Adventures

How to Choose a Van for Van Life

Ready for a new adventure? One that involves travel? And possibility living out of your van? We’ve spent many, many hours discussing,Continue reading “How to Choose a Van for Van Life”

back of a ram promaster city van with a DIY van life bed

The Best Camper Van Bed is a DIY Bed

On our most recent van life adventure through Canada in our Ram Promaster City Camper we left our Exped Sim Comfort DuoContinue reading “The Best Camper Van Bed is a DIY Bed”

DIY Van Life Screens

DIY Van Window Screens

They say necessity is the mother of invention, right? Such was the case for our DIY Van Window Screens. We spent aboutContinue reading “DIY Van Window Screens”

Recent Adventures

Come explore with us!

a photo of the outside of The Chemist. A black mural with white writing says South Slope on it. There are plants in metal containers in the foreground.

Best Cocktail Bars in Asheville

By now almost everyone knows that Asheville is home to a ton of craft breweries. In fact, we wrote a couple of posts about some of our favorite outside patios in Asheville as well as our favorite brewery tours. But we’re more than just a beer-loving town. We’ve also got some great places to getContinue reading “Best Cocktail Bars in Asheville”

a photo of a manatee in the water in Crystal River, FL.

72 Hours in Crystal River, Inverness, and Floral City

Florida has long been a destination for us for many reasons. For one, it’s within a days drive! It also has beautiful beaches, tons of outdoor recreation opportunities, great places for a bite and a beer, and, maybe most importantly, it’s sunny and warm there year-round! We recently had the opportunity to visit Crystal River,Continue reading “72 Hours in Crystal River, Inverness, and Floral City”

a wooden boardwalk is in the center of the photograph. There are wooden handrails. The boardwalk leads down to the beach and the sun is setting in the back right just above the ocean. The clouds are wispy and tinged with gold and blue.

The Best Things To Do On Amelia Island

We recently had the chance to spend 48 hours on the east coast of Florida at a place called Amelia Island. It’s a small island about 30 miles north of Jacksonville. And it’s one of the places that regularly makes Cond√© Nast’s “Top 10 U.S Islands.” Keep reading to see our picks on the bestContinue reading “The Best Things To Do On Amelia Island”

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