How to Choose a Van for Van Life

Ready for a new adventure? One that involves travel? And possibility living out of your van? We’ve spent many, many hours discussing, processing, debating and learning about how and what kind of van we should get for van life. In this post we discuss some of the questions we’ve wrestled with ourselves. Answering them should help you narrow the decision making process and get a van that suits your needs: How to Choose a Van for Van Life. Already picked a vehicle? Head on over to our thoughts on outfitting the inside of your home on wheels.

What’s the best van for van life?

Best Van for Van Life | Authentic Asheville.jpg
Who doesn’t love the look of this van?!

Is it a vintage VW? A mini van? A cargo van from the 90’s? The long and short answer is that the best van for you might be the worst van for someone else. (We’re making the assumption that you’ve decided to actually live in a van and have already ruled out school buses, RV’s, truck campers, etc.) Vehicle choice is a personal decision and one that is going to take a good bit of time to figure out. For starters, though, we’ve found that the following questions are good jumping off points for figuring how to choose the best van for van life.

How much money do you want to spend?

The answer to this question is one of the most important when it comes to figuring out how to choose a van for van life. Your budget is definitely going to impact your options. You might be lusting after a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van with clearance, a hitch, a bamboo ceiling and all kinds of internal wiring as well as solar BUT if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Figure out how much money you have (or want to spend) on a van and go from there. There are so many options these days that figuring out your budget is going to be one of the first steps in narrowing your options.

In addition, a new van is likely going to be more expensive than a used van. That said, if you have the experience necessary to fix up a used van, you might be able to save a lot of money by buying a vehicle someone else has given up on. We’ve had two vintage vehicles but we will never go down that route again. Lesson learned! We dumped way too much money into them and ended up abandoning both.

Also, when it comes to money, think about gas mileage. Our Dodge Ram Promaster City gets pretty good gas mileage. It averages about 24 miles per gallon. If you think you’ll be doing a lot of driving, this might be a question to really ask yourself when trying to decide which van to choose for van life.

Starting prices for our top three van life vehicles are below.

Will you be living in the van full-time?

This is another one of the critical questions to ask when deciding which is the best van for van life. Part-time adventures mean you can have a rig that maybe isn’t the perfect fit  but it’s close enough because you can problem-solve relatively easily. For example: the van is missing a shower but you’ll mostly be staying at campgrounds so it’s not a big deal. Or, it’s lacking electrical wiring but you’ll only be using it on weekends so you can bring most of your gear fully charged.

How many people and pets will be traveling?

Space needs will be different based on how many people and pets you plan to travel with. The fewer the people and paws, the less space you will need. Space needs include seats, seatbelts, sleeping spaces, food storage spaces, gear storage spaces, etc … all of which expand as you add more bodies to the trip. We traveled with a dog for a while in our 1976 Toyota Chinook but it was tight. For the last year it’s just been the two of us. We’ve managed to cut down on how much space we’ll need by decluttering (more on that HERE) and making sure that almost everything in the van has at least two purposes.

Do you need to stand up?

What's the Best Van for Van Life | Authentic Asheville
We drove across the country and back in this van and are thankful for good gas mileage!

At first I wrote, ‘Do you want to stand up’ but then I realized, almost everyone is going to want that. It’s one of the main reasons we have outgrown our van (pictured above.) Most of the time being able to stand up isn’t an issue but it really gets the best of us when the weather is bad and we’re cooking and making coffee outside. But purchasing a high roof van is going to impact how much it costs. There are different options for van height but, basically, the taller you go, the more it’s going to cost. That goes for both the cost of the van as well as gas mileage. That said, if you’re only going to be weekending or taking short trips in your van, you might not need the extra height.

Do looks matter?

What the van looks like really comes down to personal preference. For the longest time I really wanted to get a VW van. I just love the way they look. But when it came time to choosing a van, the practical side of things took over. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice reliability for something that looked really great on Instagram. Maybe you are? (Especially if you’re handy with tools and love a good project. In all honestly, I’ll probably always love the way a VW looks but will never own one because I’m too afraid of the costs.) One look at Pinterest will show you that the sky is the limit when it comes to van life aesthetics. That said, often the most affordable rigs are really, really ugly. (A quick scan on Craigslist is bound to turn up all kinds of examples.)

What are your van life needs?

How to Choose the Best Van for Van Life | Authentic Asheville
Making coffee in the rain is one of the drawbacks to a smaller van.

Some van lifers can get by with fewer amenities than others. We have traveled for over a year without a bathroom or running water. There are lots of different hacks to staying clean on the road but if you can get away without a bathroom, you’re going to save yourself money and valuable space.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you’ll want a sink, or electricity, running water, a bed that you don’t have to break down or not. The answers to each of these questions is going to impact the amount of space you’ll need and therefore the size of your vehicle.

Conversion kit or DIY van life build?

Another super important question to consider when trying to narrow down which van to choose is whether or not you’ll be using a conversion kit or doing the build yourself. A conversion kit will take a lot less time to install (this means getting on the road faster) but it can potentially cost more money than doing it yourself. A DIY build, however, requires having the skills to do the work or learning them. In addition, building your own van out requires time, tools and the space to do it.

There’s plenty of options when it comes to custom builds but if you’re trying to keep costs low, you can pretty much cross this option off your list. The minute you go custom, the costs start skyrocketing. We’ll post more about the interiors of different vans and their options. For now, we’re going to just stick on the vehicle itself.

Gas or diesel?

Ah, the debates for this one seem to go round and round. Especially on reddit. Personally, we’re big proponents of gas engines. The main reason for us isn’t actually fuel economy or torque (we’re not going to be towing anything) but it’s that we don’t want to have to stress about being able to find a diesel mechanic if we break down.

So, what’s the best van for van life?

Since you made it this far you probably guessed we were going to say “it depends” when it comes to choosing the best van for van life. It’s really all about your needs as van lifers (or weekend users) which are different from one person to the next. But we’ve narrowed our top picks to three:

Dodge Ram Promaster City

This is what we’ve been traveling in for about a year. You can read a ton more about it by checking out our Van Life page. It’s got a Wayfarer Plug-N-Player Camp Conversion Kit in it. It’s great for people who are on the smaller side (especially if there are two of you traveling). It is also great if you are wanting a daily driver (meaning that your van will double as your regular vehicle) and want to still get fairly good gas mileage. It’s also the most affordable option of all the ones listed below. It’s starting price new back in 2018 was $23,995. These days you can get a used one for much less. Full disclosure: We’ve had some issues with our van. We finally decided to write about it. You can learn more here on our post Problems with the Ram Promaster City.

Dodge Ram Promaster 1500 with a high roof

This is the bigger sibling to the Dodge Ram Promaster City. You can stand up in this van and spread out a bit more (it’s got a super boxy shape to it.) If you’re wondering why we like this one over the Ford Transit, it’s mostly because the base models come with more things than the base models of the Transits. In addition, we like the look of it a tad more than the Ford, it has a few more inches of roof height and we can get a Wayfarer kit for this van. It’s starting price new is $32,695. Again, this is for a high roof. The standard sized roof Promaster starts at $29,295.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

We never really considered buying a new Mercedes Sprinter van because it’s a big jump up in price from the Dodge. Not only does the cost go up for the vehicle itself, but it also prices the conversion kits and van life builds in a much higher group. Rising costs = rising panic. That said, if you can find a used one that hasn’t been in an accident and has low mileage, you might have found a winner. We think it’s a great vehicle and it makes the list because, even though it’s out of our budget, it’s still a great vehicle. New Mercedes Sprinters start at around $36,495.

All of the above vehicles we mentioned above are at the 2018 models.

Additional Camper Van Resources

How to Choose a Van for Van Life Recap

There’s obviously lots to think about when it comes to figuring out which is the best van for van life. Hopefully the information above helps you in choosing a vehicle that fits your needs. If you’ve already picked a great van for van life, hop on over to our next post in this series about Custom Builds, DIY Van Conversion and Conversion Kits.

Still not sure which van to choose? It’s helpful to try them out. Luckily there are numerous companies out there that rent vans so you can test them out for a weekend or a week-long adventure (even more) to see which ones suit you best. Learn more on our post about the 7 Best Camper Van Rental Companies.

In addition, be sure to check out the full list of van life posts HERE.

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Best Pizza in Asheville, NC

Ok, it’s no secret that we love coffee, ramen, and cheeseburgers. But one of our all-time favorites is that cheesy goodness we all know and love: pizza. In this post we’re going to share about our favorite spots in Asheville. Are your ready? Here we go: Best Pizza in Asheville, NC. Save it, pin it, share it, whatever you do, keep it handy as you’re going to want to make your way to each of these restaurants. Note: our list does not include chains like Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. We only feature non-chain local businesses in this post of the Best Pizza in Asheville.

All Souls Pizza | 175 Clingman Avenue

Erin McGrady is smiling at a cheese pizza from All Souls that is resting on a round, silver pizza tray on top of a wooden picnic table. There are some small yellow flowers in the background.
The tomato and cheese pizza from All Souls.

One of the best pizza places in Asheville is All Souls Pizza. Their pizzas are soooo good. We love whatever they have on special and are a big fan of the pizza with greens, leeks, fromage blanc, and mozzarella. Another one we like is the garlic sausage, sweet pepper ferment, red onion, and fontina pizza. If you’re not sure what to order just go for the cheese and tomato. It’s fantastic. We typically get three at a time so that we can taste a bunch of flavors and have a couple slices leftover for lunch. The dine-in area is cool because you can sit at the bar and watch them make your pizza. They’ve also got a really nice outdoor patio and lawn area that’s kid-friendly.

828 Family Pizzeria | 946 Merrimon Avenue

We’re still getting used to the name change. 828 Family Pizzeria used to be called Marcos. Then a few years back they switched it up. Regardless, the pizza is delicious. We usually order a large pizza and add basil and mushrooms. This is our go-to spot when we are really hungry and we want a lot of good food for our buck. The pies are big and two slices usually make us full with some leftover.

PIE.ZAA | 46 Millard Avenue

A view of a big cheese pizza slice in a cardboard box that is in the shape of a piece of pizza. The box and pizza slice are resting on a black table, outdoors, with the PIE.ZAA logo on it.
No list of the best pizza in Asheville would be complete without a nod to PIE.ZAA!

PIE.ZAA bills itself as the best late-night pizza in Asheville but it’s delicious even if you’re not out late. (You can get this pizza during ‘regular’ hours as well.) It’s got a slightly cripsy bottom that’s stretched thin, a flavorful crust that’s the perfect amount of saltiness, and lots of gooey cheese. You can get a single slice or pizza or leave with a huge box. You may have even seen people with it around town – it’s the pizza in the huge black box, enough to feed you, your partner, and a few of your friends. We’ve had the cheese and the pepperoni and both are among our favorite in Asheville. Bonus: it’s just down the street from Burial Beer, one of our favorite beer gardens in Asheville.

White Labs Kitchen and Tap | 172 South Charlotte Street

No conversation about the best pizza in Asheville is complete without mentioning White Labs. Wood-fired pizza, craft beer, and a place that makes yeast? Yeah, it really exists and it’s here in Asheville! Pre-Covid we took a tour of the facility and then had dinner, drinks, and pizza. It was a really unique date. The beer was brewed with their yeast and the dough was made from their yeast. Both were super tasty. White Labs has the usual pepperoni and cheese pizzas as well as a salmon and sweet potato pizza. They’ve also got a vegan option. Lastly, they also have a take and bake kit where you can buy the dough and the toppings and then make your pie at home.

Asheville Pizza and Brewing | Three Asheville Locations

Entertainment, pizza, and beer. Pizza and beer are often enough for most people but Asheville Pizza and Brewing also shows movies. And tickets to most of them are only $3.00 a person. It seriously makes for a super fun and affordable date night. (Covid has forced Asheville Pizza and Brewing to put a stop to their movies but they are certain to be back! Stay tuned and check their website for updates.)

Cucina 24 | 24 Wall Street

There are so many delicious things to order on the menu at Cucina 24 but it’s hard not to order their pizza. Their mushroom, besciamella (white sauce), arugula, and rosemary pizza is a solid pick. So too, is ordering a ton of unique appetizers and then getting a simple mozzarella and tomato pie. No matter what you order you can count on Cucina 24 to have some of the best pizza in Asheville because of their commitment to fresh ingredients, many of which are grown by local farmers.

Best Pizza in Asheville Recap

So the long and short of it is that when it comes to where to find the best pizza in Asheville, you’ve got options. You can have simple, straightforward pies, you can have creative, uniquely-topped pizza, and you can of course have them both with some of Asheville’s other specialty: craft beer.

Learn more about some of our favorite and best outdoor breweries in Asheville and bars as well as the best brewery tours in Asheville.

Best Things to Do in Weaverville, NC

Looking to get out of Asheville for the day but not sure which direction to go? How about Weaverville, NC. It’s just a short 15 minute drive (seven miles) north of downtown Asheville. It’s a tiny little mountain town but it’s host to a bunch of fun things to do as well as two local breweries. Keep reading to discover our top picks for Best Things to Do in Weaverville, NC.

Hungry and looking for the Best Places to Eat in Weaverville? Check out our post HERE.

Explore Main Street

One of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC is to explore Main Street and it’s cute shops and restaurants. There is on-street parking all along Main Street as well as a couple of parking lots (Weaverville’s Downtown Parking Lot is the most centrally located) where you can dump your vehicle for the day and explore on foot. If you’re able, we think walking is the best way to explore the town. In addition to Main Street, we also recommend a few detours off the main drag such as Merchants Alley, Merrimon Avenue and Florida Avenue. Two of our favorite shops in Weaverville are Curtis Wright Outfitters and Five Little Monkeys Quilt and Sew. Read more about both shops below.

Main Street Nature Park | 11 Pine Street

The Main Street Nature Park, one of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.

The Main Street Nature Park is, as you might have guessed, just off Main Street. Be sure to take a stop there when you’re strolling through town. There is a dog-friendly walking trail (dogs must be on a leash) which is also great for running because it’s lightly mulched. The park itself is made up of 10 acres and includes a few benches and picnic shelters. During the summer there are free concerts down at the bandshell. If the Barsters are playing, you must go! Bring your own chair or blanket.

Mangum Pottery | 16 N. Main Street

Definitely make a point to stop in at Mangum Pottery. They have all kinds of pottery items for sale; things like dinnerware, mugs, bowls, platters, and pitchers. They’ve been honing their craft for over 30 years and have a reputation for being a safe and welcoming space for all people. In addition, they were recently Best of WNC winners for Potter and Ceramic Artist! They are open for business during Covid-19 and are practicing safe social distancing and masks. They also use disinfectant, gloves, and a mask when packing orders. Oh, and Rob is a member of the Barsters, mentioned above.

Curtis Wright Outfitters | 24 N. Main Street

This outdoor shop is focused on fly fishing. They’ve got all the gear you need to get you ready for some time on the water. They also offer guided trips and on those, they provide all the gear and flies you need so the only thing you need to do is show up and have a good time. The types of guided trips they offer are half-day wades, full-day wades, float trips, and multi-day trips. The multi-day trips include lodging, breakfast, lunch, gear, supplies, and even snacks. The shop is currently open for business during the pandemic.

Curtis Wright Outfitters, one of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.
Curtis Wright Outfitters on Main Street in Weaverville, NC.

Five Little Monkeys Quilt and Sew | 32 N. Main Street

This shop on Main Street is your go-to spot for all things quilting and sewing. They were recently featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Better Homes & Gardens as being a top shop. You can find everything from patterns, books, fabrics, machines, kits, and more here. You can also take one of their classes. Due to Covid-19 the shop is currently open by appointment only although you can order items online.

Visit Lake Louise Park | 120 Merrimon Avenue

The .6 mile gravel path that circles Lake Louise Park was one of the cornerstones of our runs when we lived in Weaverville during Covid-19. Though we could easily access the short trail from our apartment, there is a bunch of free parking there if you need to drive there in order to access the lake. There’s also a bunch of fitness equipment, picnic tables, playground equipment, and even shelters for you to hang out at. Plus, a quick lap around the park means you’re almost guaranteed to run into the resident ducks that live there. Be sure to walk down towards the waterfall as well (just across the street from the fishing pier.)

Eluvium Brewing Company | 11 Florida Avenue

On Saturday’s B’aad Sheep Burrito’s Food Truck used to pull up in front of Eluvium Brewing Company. It made for a really fun way to spend an afternoon. However, B’aad Sheep recently finished building out the space next to Eluvium so you can get food every day except for Monday. Eluvium has a ton of great beers on tap (yes, you can get a flight) and a fun indoor/outdoor space to hang out. They are open for business during Covid-19 and they have a great outdoor seating area. Check out what they have on tap (it’s constantly rotating) and if you don’t see something you like then try one of their guest beers or ciders. Oh, and be on the lookout for one of the five brewery dogs!

Zebulon Artisan Ales | 8 Merchants Alley

Though the town of Weaverville is small, it still boasts two really cool, super tasty craft breweries. And they’re both just around the corner from each other. Zebulon has more limited hours than Eluvium (they’re only open to the public from 1-6 on Fridays and Saturdays) but their beers are delicious. They do small pours and flights of their bottled beers (you can take these to-go) as well as the experimental small batches that are only available at their brewery. All of the beers at Zebulon are unfiltered. Some of them can even be stored for years and opened later for a special occasion. Check out the Zebulon Artisan Ales beer blog for a look at some of their descriptions and dedications (almost all of the beers are ‘for’ someone, often a musician.)

Honey and the Hive | 23 Merrimon Avenue

photo of the Honey and the Hive, one of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.
Honey and the Hive in Weaverville, NC.

This family business is your one-stop shop for all things bees. They sell what you might expect, local honey, beeswax, books and and art. But they are so much more than that. They also offer classes and workshops such as the Beginner Beekeeping Series, Hands-On in the Hive, and Mead Making. We think it’s one of the best things to do in Weaverville because it’s an experience that you can’t get in most other places.

Crucible Glassworks | 60 Clarks Chapel Road

This hot glass studio and gallery was founded in 1998. It features the work of local artist Michael Hatch. You may remember him from his original location in downtown Asheville. Hatch moved his studio to Weaverville in 2015 and he also offers private lessons that range from 35 minutes – 4 hours. All skill levels are welcome and the classes are open to kids 11 and up (though students 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult).

Echoview Fiber Mill | 76 Jupiter Road

photo of the Echview Fiber Mill, one of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.
The Gold LEED Certified Echoview Fiber Mill.

There are arts and craft stores and yarn stores and then there is the Echoview Fiber Mill. This is not only a yarn store but, as they say on their website, “… a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house.” Plus, they sell more than just yarn. They sell everything from bags to scarfs to rugs to hats and even magazines and books. They also offer classes and workshops. It’s a great spot to pick up a gift for someone or a little treat for yourself. You can also take a free tour by visiting on a Friday at 1:00pm. Tours are not being offered as of now due to Covid-19. Due to Covid-19, check their website or call for details before visiting.

Reems Creek Golf Course | 36 Pink Fox Cove Road

Neither of us are into golf but we know a bunch of people who are so we thought we’d add it to our list of the best things to do in Weaverville. This golf course has 18 holes and is a 72 par course. Plus, it’s public so you don’t have to be a member to play there. Update: The golf course is currently open despite the coronavirus. There are some modifications to playing and clubhouse use but you can still get out on the links.

Rare Exotic Vehicles | 1 Central Avenue

photo of vintage cars at Rare Exotic Vehicles, one of the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.
Did you know they offer tours at Rare Exotic Vehicles in Weaverville?

Be sure to make a stop at Rare Exotic Vehicles. You might end up there without even trying as they often have some eye-catching, vintage cars and trucks in their parking lot. In addition to being a great place to snap a cool Instagram photo, Rare Exotic Vehicles also offers private, guided tours in some of their coolest cars. We can’t think of a better way to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway than in one of their awesome cars. The Blue Ridge Parkway tour lasts 5 hours. (They also offer a four-hour tour of Asheville and a brews cruise where they take you to Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and a few of the smaller breweries.)

Update: this business is no longer in the space. It is being used by the nearby laundromat.

Dry Ridge Historical Museum | 60 Lakeshore Drive

The Dry Ridge Historical Museum is currently under construction (May 2020). We’ve been watching the construction crew make progress on the site for the last couple of weeks. Until they are completed with the new community center, also home to the Dry Ridge Historical Museum, you’ll have to make-do with their Facebook page. The community museum is set to be completed by mid-2021. When it opens you can do genealogy research, learn about Weaverville in it’s infancy, see historic photos and artifacts and learn the stories behind them and make a connection to the town. We can’t wait to take a tour of the new site as we think it will quickly become one of the top attractions in Weaverville, NC.

Reems Creek Pottery | 181 Reems Creek Road, #6

There are six different potters in this artist’s space. You can shop for mugs, magnets, jewelry, wall art, and more in this combined studio/gallery space. It’s another great spot to meet local artists and support the artists community in Weaverville. The studios are currently open during Covid-19. Masks and social distancing are required.

Rachel Elise | Online store

Also, we wanted to put a plug in for two of our favorite artists and makers in the area, Rachel and Bo, the duo behind Rachel Elise. They design, print, stitch and ship all different kinds of bags: everything from totes, wristlets, packs, backpacks and more (as well as face masks). Their bags can be found in various stores in Asheville, around the country, and online. They can also often be found at various pop-up markets in non-coronavirus times. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their newest designs, flash sales and more.

Seasonal Events in Weaverville, NC

Though Weaverville is small, they do have several events a year that draw a good crowd, often bringing several thousand people into town. These special events are some of the best things to do in Weaverville. Many of the events have been impacted due to the coronavirus but stay tuned for announcements and updates for upcoming years.

Weaverville Art Safari

Weaverville typically hosts two art safaris a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, though at the time of this writing, the spring 2020 safari has been cancelled due to Covid-19. The two-day, self-guided safari is one of the original studio tours in the Asheville area. You an expect to meet a ton of local artists, everything from potters to woodworkers, painters to photographers and more. Oh and the best part is, the event is free! Check out the Weaverville Art Safari page for more information.

Candlelight Stroll

One Friday night in December, Main Street in Weaverville gets into the holiday spirit for the Candlelight Stroll. The town lines Main Street with luminaries, music, and entertainment. The shops and restaurants are open as are the lower floor of the library (cookies, a story, and hot cider await you) and the Dry Ridge Museum. You can even take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and listen to carolers from some of the local schools. If this doesn’t get you into a holiday spirit …

Music on Main

The event Music on Main has been canceled for 2020 due to Covid-19 but we’re eager for it to return. Why? Because it’s an awesome one-day event where the entire town comes out to dance, sing and enjoy an open-air concert. The event usually lasts for four hours and features at least two bands. There are also activities for kids, food, drinks, and pop up booths for you to explore. The whole thing takes place on Main Street and the roads are closed between Merrimon Avenue and Brown Street. If you’re attending, do your best to walk, ride a bike or, at the very least, carpool. They open up parking on the field at Weaverville primary but there are only so many spaces so if you’re planning on parking there, arrive early.

Art in Autumn

The coronavirus has also canceled Weaverville’s Art in Autumn event which was slated for September 19 from 10 am to 6 pm on Main Street. The event typically features over 100 local artists and makers, all of whom have their work for sale. One of the highlights of Art in Autumn is the awards. Best in Show receives $1000, second place receives $500, third places receive $300 and there are four awards of $50 each for honorable mention. There is also music and food at the event. Admission and parking is free.

Weaverville Tailgate Market | 76 Monticello Road

If you guessed that the coronavirus has had an impact on the Weaverville Tailgate Market, you’re right. Since 2009, the Weaverville Tailgate Market sets up at Reems Creek Nursery from April 1 – October 28 on Wednesdays from 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm. You can show up and pick up produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, tea, coffee and honey. There are also other non-food related vendors on site selling plants, arts and crafts.

Best Things to Do in Weaverville, NC Recap

Weaverville’s slogan is The Art of Small Town Hospitality. And it truly lives up to it’s name. As we mentioned earlier, we lived in Weaverville for several months during the coronavirus pandemic. (And as of May 2020, we’re still here!) During that time, even though we were social distancing, we met, from at least six feet away, many of the people that live there. We started seeing familiar faces on our morning runs and afternoon walks and almost everyone there gave us a wave and a smile. Many of them introduced themselves. Weaverville truly has a neighborhood vibe to it and it’s an inclusive one. If you want to get out of Asheville for the day and aren’t sure what to do, we recommend Weaverville. What do you think of our list of top attractions in Weaverville? We’d love to hear from you. Think something should be added to our list? Feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment. Wondering where our top picks and recommendations are for food and places to eat? Stay tuned!

Weaverville is the last stop on our Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip. Check it out on our Van Life page.

Additional Weaverville, NC Resources

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