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Best Street Art Cities

One of the reasons we love to travel is because we get to see street art! Sometimes we’ve heard of a particular piece because we’ve seen it on Instagram and actually make an effort to seek it out. But a lot of times we “find” a mural just by walking around and exploring. Listed below are our top picks for Best Street Art Cities. … Read More Best Street Art Cities


Tips for Road Tripping in the United States

Are you ready for a road trip?! So you’ve decided you want to go cross country, eh? Maybe you even took our Road Trip Quiz! Well we’ve assembled some tips for road tripping in the United States. Our hope is that you can learn from our mistake and maximize your fun. 10 Tips for Travel Success 1. Figure out how far you want to drive … Read More Tips for Road Tripping in the United States

Aurora Farms on San Juan Island

Located on San Juan Island off the Washington Coast is a place called Aurora Farms. We recently went there to field scout for Hipcamp and had a blast! There’s a yurt on the property, a succulent garden, an Airstream, a house with a living roof and even a farm store. Scroll down to see what we saw! You know how we love yurts … … Read More Aurora Farms on San Juan Island

Exploring Seattle!

There is so much to see, do and eat in Seattle! This is by no means a comprehensive list, we’ve only just scratched the surface of all the fun experiences a person can have in this city. Below is a snapshot of what our time exploring Seattle. Best things to do in Seattle! Pike Place Market Pike Place Market It’s more than just the … Read More Exploring Seattle!


Pacific Northwest Treehouse #2

Not too far outside of Monroe, Washington you will find a place that is home to two of the most amazing treehouses we have ever seen. The first can be seen here. The second on we’re about to share with you. Have you ever stayed in a treehouse? It’s built 11 feet off the ground and literally in the trees. It comes in at a … Read More Pacific Northwest Treehouse #2


Pacific Northwest Treehouse

We recently scouted out a property for Hipcamp just east of the little town of Monroe, Washington. But this wasn’t just any old property. It was easily one of the most unique places we’ve stayed at. It was a Pacific Northwest Treehouse. You’ll see the treehouse from the driveway as you pull up. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably blink your eyes several … Read More Pacific Northwest Treehouse

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