Where to See Art in Asheville

Asheville, though not as big as Atlanta, Charlotte, or Jacksonville, is still one of the cultural hubs in the southeast. Some say it’s because of the numerous restaurants and breweries. Some say it’s because of the live music scene. Others give credit to the artists and makers that call Asheville home. We think it’s a little bit of all of these things. In this post we’re going to share some of our favorite spots to help you figure out where to see art in Asheville.

Andy Herod’s gallery is another great spot to see art in Asheville.

Located in the Asheville Cotton Mill Studios, Andy Herod’s Gallery is a great spot for someone looking for the quintessential Asheville art experience. His space is dog and kid-friendly. His hours vary but typically his space is open daily from 10-5pm. Plus, he has beer, wine, and sake for sale so you can sip while you browse on some of his posters, metalwork, t-shirts, stickers, and more.

Asheville Art Museum | 2 South Pack Square

A quick Google search on where to see art in Asheville is sure to reveal the Asheville Art Museum. It’s one of the best places to see art in Asheville. It’s located downtown and has four floors filled with world-class exhibits from both regional and national artists. There’s a hands-on area for kids and even a bar and cafe on the top floor. If you’re big on art museums, this is one of the first places you should start your adventure in Asheville.

Blue Spiral 1 | 38 Biltmore Avenue

For over 30 years, Blue Spiral 1 has been showcasing some of Asheville’s best art. Blue Spiral has roughly 25 shows a year with groups and individuals taking up space on the Main and Lower Levels and over 100 artists showcasing their work on the upper floor. If you are looking to buy art in Asheville, Blue Spiral is a must-visit. Even if you’re not in the market to purchase, this is one of the best places to see art in Asheville. To see some of the current, past, and upcoming exhibitions, visit them online at Blue Spiral 1.

CURVE Studios and Garden | 3 River Arts Place

Want to see art in Asheville? Head on over to CURVE studios in the River Arts District.

If you’re wondering where to see art in Asheville’s River Arts District, we recommend checking out CURVE Studios and Garden. There are roughly a dozen artists in the space and true to the name, there’s a beautiful outdoor garden where you can sit for a minute and relax. (The gardens are open from dusk til dawn). You’ll find everything from ceramic artists, potters, jewelry makers, photographers, and even more at CURVE Studios. Bonus: The parking is free but the Greenway is located just across the street so you can ride your bike or walk to visit.

Folk Art Center | 382 Blue Ridge Parkway

Want to see art in Asheville and also check out a couple of overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway all in the same trip? If this sounds like your idea of a good time, hop in the car and head up to the Folk Art Center. From downtown Asheville, it’s about 5.9 miles to the Folk Art Center. Both activities are free. The Folk Art Center is open daily from 10-5pm and has two levels for you to check out. The first floor is home to a gift shop and also has regular demonstrations by local artisans. Check out their events page for details about who will be at the Folk Art Center and when. To learn more about the Folk Art Center as well as the Southern Highlands Craft Guild check out their website.

Lexington Glassworks | 81 South Lexington Avenue

This downtown Asheville glassblowing studio and gallery is one of the more unique art experiences you can have while visiting. There is a shop where you can purchase terrariums, rocks glasses, vases, and even make a custom order for lighting for your home. You can also visit even if you have no idea of purchasing something. They’ve got beer that you can sip on out of a hand-blown glass while watching the artisans work.

Though Mark’s name is on the studio and gallery, the space is actually shared by a handful of local to Asheville artists, not just him. Though if you get the chance to meet him, and you may if you visit as it’s a working studio, he is one of the nicest people you’ll meet in town. Located in the Wedge building that’s also home to the brewery that bears the same name, his studio is right in the heart of the River Arts District and is a great starting or ending point for those who want to see art in Asheville.

This downtown Asheville gallery is open 7 days a week and 15,000 feet of space on two levels, all of which is accessible. Momentum Gallery describes itself as a place that “…curates exhibitions of museum-quality paintings, original prints, innovative sculpture, and studio furniture. Our program celebrates material-based traditions rich in this area and reflects a contemporary aesthetic in harmony with nature.” This is one of the more upscale places to purchase and see art in Asheville.

Phil Mechanic Studios | 109 Roberts Street

Asheville’s River Arts District is one of the best places in the southeast to see artists and makers at work.

Just over the bridge that separates West Asheville from the River Arts District, you’ll find the Phil Mechanic Art Studios. STAND Gallery is located in the building as well as a number of Asheville artists including the world’s best tape artist aka Stephen L. Lange. There’s a free parking lot directly across from the studio and it’s also located near Mark Bettis’ studio and gallery in case you want to leave the car parked and walk around the RAD for a bit.

Pink Dog Creative | 342 Depot Street

No trip to see art in Asheville would be complete without paying a visit to Pink Dog Creative. These old warehouses have been transformed into numerous studios that are home to 30+ artists as well as a couple of spaces that are home to a coffee shop and pizza place. This is a great place to walk around and explore on foot and if you only have time for one art stop, this would probably be our pick. One not-to-miss artist here is Joseph Pearson who is located in Suite 130.

Murals in Asheville

In addition to the numerous art galleries and studios in Asheville, there are tons of cool murals to see around town. If you want to be surprised at what you see, we recommend checking out West Asheville on foot or on bike. There are tons of them to be seen on Haywood Road. The River Arts District is a good area as well. If you want to maximize your time, check out our post on the Best Instagram Spots in Asheville. It has addresses as well as photos.

Where to See Art in Asheville Recap

Your options for where to see art in Asheville are numerous. You have a bunch of galleries and studios to choose from as well as numerous murals around town. And in our opinion, once you get tired of browsing art, there’s almost always a brewery, cocktail bar, or restaurant nearby where you can grab a beer or a bite.

Best Food Trucks in Asheville, NC

Asheville has no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink including a solid number of delicious food trucks. That said, we don’t currently have a food truck park in Asheville so you may have to do a little research (below) to see where your favorite one is located. Keep reading to see our top picks for best food trucks in Asheville, NC.

Bear’s Smokehouse | 135 Coxe Avenue

If you’ve got BBQ on the brain, head on over to South Slope and pay a visit to Bear’s Smokehouse. This food truck is permanently parked just up the hill from Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium. Roll the windows down and let your nose guide you towards the good stuff. They’ve got specials during the weekday and you can make regular sized sandwiches extra large by going Bear Sized.

Double D’s Coffee and Desserts | 41 Biltmore Avenue

a red double-decker bus is behind a black wrought iron fence. The front of the bus reads Trafalgar Square and the windows have two flowers painted on them. There is a tree with green leaves at the top of the photo and a yellow fire hydrant at the bottom in the foreground.

Technically this isn’t a food truck, but it is a double-decker bus and that has to count for something, right? We’ve never seen anything quite like it! When you’re in downtown Asheville, stop in for a unique experience and grab a delicious coffee, smoothie, milkshake, or a warm brownie or scoop of ice cream.

El Kimchi | Location Varies

A line of people wait to order at the door of the white food truck named El Kimchi. It is parked in the sun at New Belgium Brewing in Asheville. There is a blue and red umbrella at the front of the truck for shade.
No conversation about the best food trucks in Asheville is complete if ya don’t mention El Kimchi.

This Asian-owned business is one of our favorite food trucks in Asheville. Why? Because the owners are super nice and the food is delicious. It’s self-described as Korean Barbecue and Mexican Goodness and it’s true. It’s both of those things. I almost always order the Bibimbap but the rice bowl is delicious, too. You can also get a side of kimchi to go. El Kimchi is often at the Brew Pump in West Asheville, New Belgium Brewing, and the Wedge. You can see their weekly schedule on their Facebook page.

Foothills Local Meats | 2 Huntsman Place

Burgers and beer … if that sounds like you, head on over to Foothills Local Meats. This Asheville food truck is permanently parked at Hi – Wire Brewing in the Biltmore Village and serves up tasty food seven days a week. The meat is all pasture-raised. We like going on Mondays because you can get a double cheeseburger and a side of tallow fries, plus a token for a $2 pint of beer.

Melt Your Heart | Location Varies

Gourmet grilled cheese anyone? This Asheville food truck is parked at various locations around town so check out their Facebook page to see where they’re located so you can get your hands on some of the cheesiest, gooey-est in town.

Root Down Food Truck | Location Varies

Southern Living named Root Down as one of the top food trucks in the south, so if you’re in Asheville and this is one place you’re not going to want to miss. They’re often at New Belgium Brewing and sometimes can be found at the Salvage Station when there’s a show. Their location and times are posted on their calendar. You’ll find Creole and southern soul food eats like Boudin Balls, corn puddin’, shrimp salad sliders, and even baby back ribs.

Smashville | Location Varies

Four firefighters look at the menu and order from a blue food truck with a logo above it that says Smashville. The logo is a cheeseburger with the mountains and the words Smashville in place of a burger. A string of Christmas lights hangs from the truck. In the background is a Shell gasoline sign.
Burgers, hand-cut fries, and a vegan option…what more could you ask for from this Asheville food truck, Smashville?

You can’t have enough good burgers in a town, that’s a fact. And the ones being served up by the folks in the blue food truck known as Smashville are delicious! They’re, as you may have guessed, smashburgers, and are sourced from Shipley Farms in Vilas, NC (about two hours north of Asheville, near Boone, NC). And while the burgers are stars of the show, Smashville also offers up Vegan burgers. Find out where one of the best food trucks in Asheville is parked by visiting their calendar.

Trashy Vegan | Location Varies

a grey food truck is parked on a snowy parking lot in front of Fleetwoods in West Asheville. The logo on the side is a rat and it says "The Trashy Vegan"
Skip the meat and go vegan, if only for a day, with the food at The Trashy Vegan!

A 100% vegan food truck? Yep! This cute truck is parked at various spots around town including Cascade Lounge and Gingers Revenge. We often see it in front of Fleetwoods in West Asheville. If Impossible Burgers, Chick*n sandwiches, and Chili “cheese” fries are your thing, this is one Asheville food truck you won’t want to miss. Find out where they are by visiting their Instagram, the info is in their bio.

Zia Taqueria Food Truck | 240 Depot Street

Locals and tourists both know that Zia Taqueria in West Asheville makes some mighty fine food. They recently expanded their offerings in the River Arts District with their permanently parked food truck at Olde London Road. Zia’s food truck menu isn’t as extensive as their restaurant but you can still find their crowd favorites. You can expect quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and hatch green chile cheeseburgers to be on the menu as well as some specials.

Best Food Trucks in Asheville, NC Recap

The food trucks in Asheville are some of the best in the country. Though Asheville doesn’t have a food truck park like in Austin or an entire block of them like in Portland, we do have a great selection to choose from. The next time you’re craving a meal in Asheville, find out where one of these trucks are located and pay ’em a visit!

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