an orange VW camper van

7 Best Camper Van Blogs

Before we ever started traveling together, we spent a lot of time on the internet doing research on the best vans for couples, the best vans for women, the best vans for van life, etc. Instagram was a major source of inspiration but we also wanted to learn about the van lifestyle and to feed … Continue reading 7 Best Camper Van Blogs

a woman holding a bowl of food scraps for composting

How to Be a Greener Van Life Traveler

Living and traveling in a van but also concerned about the environment? Us, too. Luckily there are steps that all van life travelers can take to live a greener existence. Notice that we said 'greener' and not simply 'green'. The reason for this small distinction is that by being motor vehicle operators who run on … Continue reading How to Be a Greener Van Life Traveler