Today was a big day for us! We got our empty Ram ProMaster cargo van converted into something that is going to make life on the road a lot more doable. Our solution? The Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit! (To learn more about why we chose this kit, head on over here.)

We spent the night in Colorado Springs because we had an appointment at 9am to meet with Ian, the owner of Wayfarer Vans. We found his space easy enough and a little before nine we pulled into his workshop and started unloading all of our stuff so he and his guys could begin the conversion!

The van conversion begins!

Van Life Conversion

wayfarer99wayfarer96Step 1: Installing the floor

After we got all of our belongings removed, the first step to our camper van conversion was installing the floor.wayfarer98

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 3

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion Kit Installation

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 5

wayfarer95Step 2: Attaching the insulation

After that it was installing the insulation, which uses magnets to keep it in place!Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 6

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 8

wayfarer93wayfarer92wayfarer91Step 3: Add the boxes

Once the floor and insulation pieces are in place, the next step is bringing in the boxes.Wayfarer Van Life Conversion2

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 9

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 10The first one that went in was the one behind the driver and passenger seats. Unlike other vans, ours came empty and without any seats in the back. It was basically a cargo van which was perfect because we didn’t have to remove anything in order to start our conversion.

Next up was the side box. We were so impressed with not only how quick the guys worked but how careful they were during the process. They also swept the interior several times and washed down the surfaces – we really appreciated their attention to cleanliness and detail.Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 11

wayfarer89After the side box was put in place, then the kitchen boxes were added! The design of these are so unique and one of our favorite features. You can open them from the inside by lifting up on the top as well as when standing outside with the doors open. Notice how they fold up on themselves?

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 12Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 13

wayfarer88After the boxes were installed, then they added the table! Check out the way it folds up when not in use as well as the way it stays in place when down.

Step 4: Install the table

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 15Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 16

Once the table was installed, we were done. The whole thing only took a little over an hour!

Step 5: Load your stuff back in and go!

Wayfarer Van Life Conversion 17

Wayfarer Van Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit Recap

The conversion kit has had a huge impact on our ability to live out of our van. Some of the biggest factors have been:

  • the insulation has reduced noise while driving
  • storage has been increased
  • organization is now possible
  • we now have a table for working and eating on
  • there is a bed! (We use the Exped SIM Comfort Duo 7.5 mat to go with the bed and it is AWESOME.)
  • the space is functional and feels good

Do you have a camper van? If so, how did you convert it? We’d love to hear your thoughts about life on the road so please leave your comments below!

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