The holidays are here and so is the stress of gift giving. Enter our gift ideas. Check out our top picks which have been hand-selected and are geared for the adventurer in your life. Want to treat yourself this holiday season? Below is our holiday gift guide for the van lifer or adventurer in your life. It’s our top picks of not only cool things that they’ll be stoked to see but things they’ll get a lot of use out of.

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Stanley Growler ($43.95)

Got a beer lover in your life? Get them this growler so they can take home their favorite beers fresh from the tap of their favorite brewery.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

LAMURO Campsite Storage Strap ($16.99)

This strap is built for the neat-freak in all of us. It comes with 19 loops on which to hang things and 8 carabiners. No more messy campsite or van.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

GSI Drip Coffee Filters ($9.95)

Nothing starts the day off better than an excellent cup of coffee. Life is short, why waste it on bad coffee. These little filters really do the trick. Not convinced? Head on over to this post about how to make great camp coffee and see for yourself.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Van Life: Your Home on the Road ($16.99)

We found this book at the famous Powell’s bookstore in Portland. It sort of just jumped out at us. It’s the perfect book for that #vanlife lover in your life. Warning: upon reading you might have the urge to quit your job and go on a very long adventure.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Magnesium Fire Starter by Ultimate Survival Technologies ($8.95)

My brother introduced us to this little tool. It’s guaranteed to spark, every single time. Plus it’s small enough to keep in the smallest corner of even the smallest adventure mobiles.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

National Geographic Road Atlas – Adventure Edition ($15.30)

A paper map? Hell yeah. This thing is one of our road trip MVP’s. There’s plenty of times when we can’t get a signal or just want to explore without cellphones. This is our favorite version of road atlas because it shows you where all the camping spots are located. It’s put us on some really cool spots a number of times and we do not leave home without it. Ever.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Headlamp by Black Diamond ($37.50)

We don’t realize how important our headlamp is until we can’t find it. We run with this one (wear a trucker hat to support it’s weight), use it to read at night and also to help us get around camp at night. It’s been dropped numerous times, endured lots of sweat and has held up to the test of time. 

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Eye mask by Eagle Creek ($10.95)

After you’ve slept in a certain number of Wal-Mart parking lots, you will want this mask. Trust us. It keeps out the light, is comfortable and can be machine-washed. We broke the rubberband head piece thing on the other “beauty mask” the first night we wore it. 

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

JOBY GorillaPod Compact Tripod 1K Stand and Ballhead Compact Mirrorless Cameras or Devices up to 2.2 Pounds ($29.99)

My mom and dad gave me this tripod a couple years ago and it gets the job done. It’s lightweight, compact and bends in all sorts of ways to help you get a shot from places you never thought you could.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Water Bottle by BKR ($38.00)

Sexy design and cool colors. BPA Free. The inside is made of glass and the outside is made of silicone. It just feels good in your hand and it comes in tons of great colors. 

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

BLACKRAPID Camera Wrist Strap ($39.95)

There’s a ton of camera straps to choose from but our personal favorites are those coming from BLACKRAPID. In particular, we love the Wrist Strap Breathe, Curve Breathe and the Backpack Breathe.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

5 Liter Dry Bag by SealLine ($19.95)

This bag is waterproof and holds more than enough stuff for a day on the water whether you’re tubing, rafting or stand up paddle boarding.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

SmartWool PhD Run Ultralight Micro Socks ($17.95)

We wear these day in and day out on trail runs and road runs. They’re guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

SUUNTO Compass ($20.40)

Surprisingly enough, cell phones still don’t work everywhere. Make sure that your loved ones know where they’re headed with this compass. Especially if they have a love for the backcountry.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Rite in the Rain All Weather Top Spiral Notebook ($3.95)

We’ve gone through a couple of these notebooks. They help us keep track of our adventures when we’re in the field and, just like the name suggests, you can write in the rain or get the pages wet. (Bonus: Your notes will survive coffee spills as well).

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax (Base Wax – 3 Pack) ($8.81)

Got a surfer in your life? You can never go wrong with getting them wax because they’ll go through a lot of it. Not sure what water temp they’ll be surfing in and therefore not sure what to buy? Shoot for base wax since a lot of people will scrape all of the wax off last year’s and start fresh the first time they paddle out in the new year.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Crazy Creek Fold Up Chair ($27.99)

These chairs fold up compact enough to fit between the chairs and our storage boxes in the van. They’re durable, add cushioning to any picnic table and give you an extra layer of comfort when sitting on the ground.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

GSI Enamelware 12 oz Camp Mug ($7.00)

Holds 12 ounces of coffee as it does a drink on ice. Not to mention it takes a licking and keeps on ticking AND it looks good in photographs.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

First Aid Kit with a Soft Case ($11.55)

Band-Aids, q-tips, tweezers, a cold compress, butterfly wound closures, knuckle bandages, aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol pads, gauze, antibiotic ointment, etc. This little kit is great to have on handy for minor wounds and injuries. The case is great for keeping it all together and it’s flexible enough that it can be stored in small places.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Buff Unisex Multifunctional Headwear ($22.78)

We wear these on our head as a headband, sometimes to cover our mouths in dusty places and almost every day to wipe the moisture off the inside of the windshield. In addition, if it’s super hot out, they’re great to soak in water and then wear around your neck.

Authentic Asheville Gift Guide

Van Life Gift Guide Recap

Feel free to pin or share this outdoor gift guide, especially if it helped you pick a gift for the van lifer, road-tripper, camper or adventurer in your life. 

Got an item that you think should be on this list? We’d love to hear from you.


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