Removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from a Ram Promaster City Van

a woman removing the rear kitchen box from a Ram Promaster City Van

One of the things that really drew us to the Wayfarer Conversion Kit for the Ram Promaster City Van was that it was removable. We love the idea of being able to take the storage boxes out of the van. That way, if we ever needed to sell the van, haul something large, or clean under the boxes, we could. Recently we needed to haul a 7 foot sofa and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to see whether or not removing the boxes are as easy as Wayfarer claims. Turns out, it is. Keep reading to see our post on removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from the Ram Promaster City Van.

What You’ll Need to Remove the Boxes

All you’re going to need is a wrench. Something to loosen the nut. Everything else is removable with your fingers. We’d also recommend enlisting a friend to help you lift the boxes out when you have removed the bolts.

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Steps to Removing the Boxes from a Wayfarer Van

1: Remove heavy items from the boxes.

2: Start in the rear of the van with the kitchen boxes and work your way forward.

3: Place a marker on the floor so you know exactly where the bolt goes when you decide to put the boxes back in your van.

4: Loosen the nut on the first bolt with a wrench. Put the nut, bolt, bar, etc. together and drop them into a bag. That way you don’t lose any of the small pieces.

5: Lift the box out.

6: Repeat the above steps with the bed box.

7: Repeat again with the storage boxes behind the driver and passenger sides.

Removing the Wayfarer Conversion Kit from a Ram Promaster City Van

Removing the “Wally” boxes from our small Ram Promaster City took about 10 minutes total. So was it easy to remove the Wayfarer Conversion Kit boxes from the van? It was. It wasn’t difficult at all. We weren’t quite sure what to expect give that we didn’t install the kit ourselves (we drove out to Colorado and had Ian and his team do the installation) but it was simple and took even less time that we thought it might. Add this to one of the reasons we like the Wayfarer concept.

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