The Best Van Life Books To Fuel Your Travel Stoke

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It might be some time before things return to normal due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week we wrote a piece about some of the Best Van Life Skills to Learn During the Coronavirus Pandemic. We also came up with a list of 50 Fun Things to Do At Home When You Can’t Travel. In case you’ve gone through both of those, don’t worry. We’ve got another post for you. This one is a compilation of The Best Van Life Books to Fuel Your Travel Stoke. These are books that will hopefully make the days a little more enjoyable and keep your passion for being on the road alive and well.

Van Life: Your Home On the Road

This book is at the top of our Best Van Life Books list. We picked it up on a visit to Powell’s Books in Portland. I saw the cover photo from about 30 feet away and was literally just drawn to the book. The cover was a pretty good indicator that the contents would be beautiful. Indeed, they are. It’s the one case when it just may be safe to judge a book by it’s cover. You’ll be treated to all kinds of van builds in jaw-dropping locations. Now is not the time to travel, but this book will certainly whet your appetite for adventure.

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Nomad: Designing a Home for Escape and Adventure

I gave this book to Caroline for Christmas and have to admit that it was difficult to postpone reading it so that she could be the first. The book showcases numerous people who are living a nomadic lifestyle. The aesthetic in each of their unique spaces is swoon-worthy and the stories to go with them might just inspire your next adventure. Though the book isn’t completely dedicated to vans and van life, it has more than enough four-wheeled dream machines in it for it to make our list of the best van life books.

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Vanlife Diaries: Finding Freedom on the Open Road

It’s no surprise that Vanlife Diaries makes our list of Best Van Life books. This 240 page book was born out of a very popular Instagram account and blog and includes hundreds of photographs of unique vans. Not all of the pictures and stories are about VW’s but some of the best ones are. Bonus: the photographs are shot by James Barkman who has a way of making still images feel full of life.

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The Vanlife Companion

Lonely Planet, the travel guidebook brand, has created one of the best van life books for those who not only want information on how to choose a van but also customize it. They’ve also got tips for traveling safely while on the road. Lastly, in case you are in need of a little bit of guidance on where to go and what to see, they’ve put together and shared 20 campervan routes all over the world.

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How to Live in a Van and Travel

This book was written by UK van lifer and traveler Mike Hudson. You may have heard of him via his blog Van Dog Traveller or seen him on social media. He’s got a really cool white DIY camper van and shares a ton of tips and tricks on how to actually make this van life dream of yours work. It doesn’t have nearly the amount of drool-worthy photos as some of the other van life books we’ve listed but what it lacks in imagery it more than makes up for in practical information.

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The Rolling Home Presents the Culture of Van Life

This book is a beautiful collection of illustrations, photographs, stories and people who make up the van life culture. The book seeks to answer some of the following questions: “From the fringes of society to the envy-inducing images on social media, how and why has van life become more popular than ever before? What does this tell us about our love of travel and our ideas of home? And how do camper vans encompass issues of minimalism, freedom and sustainability?” The authors are the same people behind the Rolling Home Journal, which, at the time this blog post went live, has published five editions.

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Best Van Life Books To Fuel Your Travel Stoke Recap

How many of these van life books have you read on our list? Are you a current van life traveler or someone who is curious about getting into this life? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Caroline Whatley and Erin McGrady are based out of Asheville, North Carolina. If it weren’t for the coronavirus, they’d be somewhere out on the road but as it is are hunkered down in Western North Carolina.

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Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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