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Before we ever started traveling together, we spent a lot of time on the internet doing research on the best vans for couples, the best vans for women, the best vans for van life, etc. Instagram was a major source of inspiration but we also wanted to learn about the van lifestyle and to feed that thirst for knowledge, so we found ourselves turning to several camper van blogs. In this story we’re going to share some of what we think are some of the best camper van blogs out there on those World Wide Webs.

Bearfoot Theory

Kristen’s blog is a great place to start. Bearfoot theory has a ton of info on it, not just camper van stuff. She even has a page called Start Here that will point you towards some basic information about van life, road tripping, gear, skills and even some of her favorite destinations. She started traveling in a 4 x 4 Mercedes Sprinter van back in 2015 and is currently on her second van. You can take a tour of her second van here in this YouTube video. She spends more than half of every year on the road and her tips are so good that it was a natural pick for us to name her to our best camper van blogs list.

Gnomad Home

John and Jayne guides on how to build out your van as well as how-to’s about some of the details related to van life. They even have a section on tips and tricks. Their blog covers some of the ‘heavier’ topics like how to install a campervan solar electrical system and a review of some of the best portable 12V fridges on the market. This van is a great resource for both new-to-vanlife adventurers as well as experienced travelers who are looking to upgrade their rig. Also, if you just want something a little less technical and want to read about people already doing van life, check out their Van Life Homies section.

Kombi Life

This website is chock full of links to blog posts and even more of their own YouTube videos. Ben and Leah are the hosts of the videos and they are fun to watch. Their 1973 VW bus with a bright blue paint job is easy on the eyes, too. Their videos have a ton of details in them but they also sprinkle in humor and do a nice job with the video editing. Though we don’t own a Kombi, we found their videos to be informative and inspirational. Their World Overland Travel Series videos are some of our favorites on the internet.

Van Clan

Unlike Kombi Life, this blog is not dedicated to just one type of van but instead features unique vans from all over. This van life blog is just as likely to post something about a new VW camper van as it is a Citroen camper van, electric microbus (be sure to check out our post on how to be a greener van life adventurer if this at all interests you) and even extreme off-road overlanding rigs.

Ruby on Wheels

This is a great blog for anyone who dreams of living and working out of their van. Jakob, who is from Germany, works as a software engineer and works on projects remotely as he travels in his van. If you’re familiar with computers, you may get a chuckle out of his blog’s name since it’s a play on the web application framework Ruby on Rails. He most recently has blogged about being holed up in his van as he waits out the coronavirus. His camoflage van is super unique (it’s actually an old military ambulance). This blog is also great for the traveler who wants to know more about van life in Europe.

Women on the Road

If you guessed that this is a blog about women on the road, well, haha, you are correct! As the name suggests, this blog celebrates all kinds of women in all kinds of vehicles on all kinds of adventures on all kinds of budgets. The project and podcast (there are currently at the time of publishing 88 podcast episodes) are as much a source of inspiration as they are a feeling of community. In fact, Women on the Road has hosted several events in order to help foster and develop a community that goes beyond just the online spaces. You can learn more about those events on their Campout page.

Parked in Paradise

For those camper van enthusiasts who are looking for some information regarding insulation and solar, head on over to the blog Parked in Paradise. Be sure to check out their detailed articles on DIY Van Insulation for Hot Weather, Avoiding Condensation and Moisture Buildup, as well as what they have to say about solar. They’ve even got a solar calculator for you to figure out just how many solar panels you’ll need. To the newbie van dweller this may be a bit much but for the person who has already started digging into these topics it may just be the resource you’re looking for. Oh and lest you think this blog is strictly about DIY and How-To’s, you’ll be delighted to find out that they have a fairly robust section on some cool places to take your van! Check it out here.

Vandog Traveller

For those of you who read our blog post about some of our favorite and best van life books, you may recognize the name and author of this blog. Why? Because he has authored a few books on the topic. His blog makes our list as one of the best camper van blogs on the internet for the same reasons that his book did: it’s informative, easy to read, and fun! Give it a look if you’re thinking about getting into the van life and setting out for an adventure on the road.

Best Camper Van Blogs Recap

We hope to continue to update our list of the best camper van blogs. Know of one that you think we should include? Drop us a line or leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Love your site. Getting ready for my cross country Sprinter trip from AVL to Washington coast, with my Great Dane constant companion. We did a similar trip in September of 2021, and are now embarking on a memorial trip honoring our beloved lost to cancer. Fuck cancer!

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