1976 Toyota Chinook – For Sale



Located in Angloa, Indiana (the northeast corner of the state – just over the Ohio border.)


4 Speed
4 Cylinder
R20 Engine
Shows ~12,000 miles on the odometer but we don’t know how many times it’s rolled over.
Pop top camper

The good:

4 new tires
New brakes
New fuel lines
New fuel pump
A locking safe
New radiator
New propane fridge
New propane furnace
New water pump
External back door safety light
New backdoor lock
New rebuilt back door
New recovered front bucket seats
Roof has been sealed
Heat and AC both work

Sleeps 2 easily


The bad:

Mechanic says 2 of the 4 cylinders are burned up. We had a mechanic in Asheville take the stock carburetor off and instead put a rebuilt carburetor from an 8 cylinder Ford. The mechanic in Indiana is guessing that because the carburetor was not properly rebuilt it was leading fuel on the outside and inside of the engine. His guess is that the gas made its way inside the colder heads and caused pitting damaged. The mechanic guesses that the worst case scenario is that the engine needs to be rebuilt.

Screens are torn.
Leaks water in the front.
Plywood on the step up into the back is soft.

Please kind in your responses. We’ve beat ourselves up enough about this entire debacle. This vehicle was a lot of fun in the end but not worth our money since we’re not mechanics. This is a great vehicle for someone who sees potential, loves vintage things and doesn’t mind a challenge.




Published by Erin McGrady

Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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