Review of the Backcountry 27L Daypack

Erin McGrady wearing and testing the Review of the Backcountry 27L Daypack

In this review of the Backcountry 27L Daypack we’ll outline it’s features as well as give you our take on why it makes a great pack for day hikes as well as an excellent choice for school and work. Bonus: it makes it into our list for best van life gear as well.

Features of the Backcountry 27L Daypack

The Backcountry 27L Daypack in Blue Corral
The Backcountry 27L Daypack in Blue Corral


The Backcountry 27L Daypack pack comes in three colors: Blue Corral, Black, Limestone Gray.


This pack weighs 2 pounds.


One of the main jumping off points when deciding which pack to use on an adventure is storage. You’ll want to use a pack that is both appropriate for the activity. The Backcountry 27L Daypack holds, as the name suggests, 27L (or, 1647cu in) of gear which makes it perfect for a day hike. There’s enough room to fit food, gear, layers, water, a map, compass, rain shell, etc. in this pack so that you don’t have to make a decision to leave something at home.

Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 12in


The Backcountry 27L Daypack is made with 600D oxford polyester. The fabric is rugged and durable and is designed to withstand heavy, long-term use.


Internal Pockets

A photo of the main compartment in the Backcountry 27L Daypack
The main compartment of the Backcountry 27L Daypack.

There are three main zippered compartments in the Backcountry 27L Daypack. The largest compartment is where we store things like layers, a hat, lunch, etc. The smallest of the three main compartments has several smaller pockets and dividers that help you stay organized. Inside the smallest compartment there’s even a really nice, soft, brushed pocket which is perfect for storing a cell phone or small tablet. There is also a mesh pocket inside the small compartment with a zippered enclosure which is a great spot for stowing your keys and wallet. Lastly, there’s a dedicated hydration bladder sleeve, which also doubles as a laptop sleeve, and allows you to use this pack for fun on the trail of for work or school. For those of you who love a pack that helps you organize your gear, this is the pack for you. There is literally a place for everything.

External Pockets

On the very front of the Backcountry 27L Daypack is an expandable pocket which can be used for storing a variety of items that you want quick and easy access to (magazines for the bus ride, maps for the trail, etc.) I

There are also two side stretchy pockets that can be used for storing a water bottle and/or bear spray. Though the pockets aren’t super deep, there are two side straps that can clip around your water bottle to offer you additional security.

On the top of the bag is another soft brushed pocket which is perfect for storing sunglasses, goggles, (they won’t get scratched) or a headlamp.

Photo of the brushed pocket on the Backcountry 27L Daypack
Store glasses, goggles, wallets, etc. in this soft, brushed pocket.


The shoulder straps on the Backcountry 27L Daypack are both padded and breathable. The straps themselves are slightly curved to give you a more comfortable fit. In addition, there is a sternum strap which can be easily adjusted up and down along the shoulder straps. One thing to note is that this daypack does not have a waist belt. For us, this isn’t a big problem. In fact, our packs that have waist belts don’t get used that often. They just feel like “too much” for a day hike and way too much for a quick trip to the coffee shop with our laptop in tow. That said, when the pack is fully loaded and you’re setting off on a long day hike, a waist belt would be nice to relieve your shoulders of much of the weight.

A photo of the thick and breathable straps on the Backcountry 27L Daypack
Breathable straps on the Backcountry 27L Daypack

Gear Loops

If you’re the kind of hiker who likes to hang things from their pack, then you’ve got several options when it comes to the Backcountry 27L Daypack. There are gear loops on the shoulder straps as well as on the front of the pack. These loops make it easy to hang things off by using a carabiner (wet clothes or sandals, sweaty clothes, etc.). There are also places for you to carry trekking poles.

Van Life Uses for the Backcountry 27L Daypack

Anytime we bring gear into our van we have to make sure that the gear will actually get used. We’ve made the mistake before of bringing gear into the van that ends up just getting shuffled around. That isn’t the case with this daypack. We found that it has enough room to carry supplies for a long day hike. It’s also versatile enough that it works great on urban adventures or when we need to bring our Pixel Slate and camera gear into a coffee shop. If you are a van life traveler who is looking for one pack that can do just about anything, consider opting for the Backcountry 27L daypack.

Where to Buy the Backcountry 27L Daypack

These packs are sold exclusively online on Backcountry’s website in three different colors:

Blue Corral | Black | Limestone Gray

Click to get

Review of the Backcountry 27L Daypack Recap

Overall we think the Backcountry 27L Daypack is a great pick for a piece of gear for van life because it’s durable, comes in three great colors, allows you to carry a hydration bladder or a laptop and it’s got numerous pockets for storing things you don’t want to leave behind in the parking lot.

Want to know more about this pack? Ask a question or leave a comment below!

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