Best Lobster Rolls on Nova Scotia

On a recent trip to Nova Scotia we hiked, we camped, we checked out the national parks, visited Halifax and perhaps most importantly, we ate as much lobster as we could. We also came up with a list of what we think are the best lobster rolls in Nova Scotia.

#1 Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – Back East Seafood in Antigonish

The best lobster roll on Nova Scotia? Hands down the top slot goes to Back East Seafood, who takes the cake. Look for their blue food truck which is parked most days at 23 Main Street. They’re open for lunch and dinner (11am – 7 pm) but check before you go because sometimes they cater or are at a festival and aren’t there. If you’re lucky enough to catch them you’ll be treated to a perfectly toasted bun, a little mayo on the lobster, a little garlic butter on the bun, some lettuce and a heaping amount of lobster.

woman holding a lobster roll
#1 – Back East Seafood Lobster Roll in Antigonish

#2 Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – Diane’s Takeout and Restaurant in Five Islands

You can either eat in or take out in order to try the #2 best lobster roll on Nova Scotia: Diane’s Takeout and Restaurant. The bun is lightly buttered & toasted on the outside and the lobster is fresh. It’s also served on a single lettuce leaf which allows the flavor of the seafood to really stand out. The portion is a decent size and the lobster tastes a little sweeter than most. The customer service here was also fantastic and friendly.

woman holding lobster roll in Nova Scotia
#2 – Diane’s in Five Islands

#3 Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – L’abri Cafe et Restaurant in Chéticamp

We went to L’abri Cafe for a date after a day of exploring the island and didn’t take a photo. We both had our phones but we opted not to bring them out during the meal. You’ll just have to take our word for it when we say the roll was delicious. What stands out about this lobster roll is the little bit of red onion that is added to the top. You also get some really good french fries with it. They’re open seven days a week. Dress is casual but the space indoors is sweet and cozy. You’ll feel more comfortable if you change out of your muddy hiking boots.

#4 Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – The Rusty Anchor Restaurant in Pleasant Bay

A friend of ours gave us a tip on this lobster roll at The Rusty Anchor Restaurant when he heard we were on Nova Scotia. Come to find out, this lobster roll was also featured in National Geographic! We ordered one for each of us with super high expectations but it only comes in at #4 for us because, though it was delicious, Caroline’s was light on the lobster and the rolls were dry. One of her two sandwiches seemed to be missing a few chunks of meat. Bonus: It’s a great place for lunch for those who are exploring the Cabot Trail as it’s the halfway point along the route.

Best Lobster Rolls in Nova Scotia
#4 – Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay

#5 Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – Granny’s Restaurant in Five Islands

This lobster roll from Granny’s Restaurant makes the cut because it was delicious and also only $9 in Canadian Dollars. You really can’t beat the price and what you get in return is a toasted bun with fresh lobster that was a tad on the sweet side but not unpleasantly so, tossed in a little mayo and served with a little bit of lettuce. This place is conveniently located along Highway 2 but it’s seasonal and was closing up for the summer the day after we arrived. Call before you go to check on hours. Phone: 1-902-728-3311

Lobster Rolls in Nova Scotia
#5 – Granny’s Seafood Restaurant in Five Islands

#6 Best Lobster Roll on Nova Scotia – The Spitfire Arms in Windsor

We stopped in at The Spitfire Arms and grabbed a seat at the bar for a beer and ended up getting a lobster roll. The bun is nicely toasted and buttered and the meat is fresh and a good portion. What makes this lobster roll stand out is that it has the addition of red and green peppers. Lobster roll purists might balk at the idea of adding something other than lettuce and a little garlic and butter but for those of you who like a new twist on an old familiar, this might just be what you’re looking for.

#6 Spitfire Arms in Windsor

Best Lobster Rolls on Nova Scotia Recap

If you’re traveling to Nova Scotia, come hungry and ready to eat. There are so many great places to try. If you don’t want risk having a bad experience, you can safely eat your way around Nova Scotia with our picks for best lobster roll. Have you eaten a great lobster roll and think we should add a restaurant to our list? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Best Lobster Rolls on Nova Scotia

  1. Sorry but good as those look…they are not lobster rolls!!! Growing up in the heart of the lobster fishery, Yarmouth, NS, a common delight and special treat was buying a lobster roll at a tiny take out called the Snack Place. It was served in a paper hot dog bun holder was a hot dog bun filled with the most delectable hot,creamed lobster, second only to the hot lobster sandwich served at another small, nearby restaurant called the Quick and Tasty. The original Sack Place is long gone but there is another restaurant I believe called the Family Diner and I would it is a treat still available.

    I will never forget the disappoint and shock the first time I ordered a lobster roll outside of the Yarmouth area and was served cold lobster salad in a hot dog bun!!!

    1. Spoken like a true local. Thanks for your input and expertise. We appreciate you letting us know about these other spots and will do our best to make it to the Family Diner!

  2. Congratulations to both local restaurants, Dianne’s and Granny’s for keeping the “SEAFOOD” great in FIVE ISLANDS. Thousands of folks drive hundreds of miles every weekend to enjoy our seafood, thanks to you, for keeping it the FIVE ISLAND way. CONGRATS TO ALL. David YORKE.

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