Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

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There are so many people on Instagram these days that at times it can feel downright overwhelming. We’ve got our eye on the following people who we think are worth a follow. But don’t just take our word for it, go check out their accounts yourself. Here are our top picks for the Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts:

@adapperchick Style. Substance. Excellent taste and a gorgeous feed.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@amandlastenberg 24/7 awesome and a powerful voice that 1.7 million others are already listening to.

@anitadolcevita The owner and pioneer behind dapperQ and @hifemme as well as fashion editor at @curvemag, Anita has been featured on HBO, Vice, Teen Vogue, NBC News, Vanity Fair, NYLON, HuffPost, Refinery29, BuzzFeed and SXSW (to name a few). She’s informed, passionate and working harder than just about anyone else we know to better things for LGBTQ people everywhere.

Anita Dolce Vita

@awalkinthewild Miranda easily makes the list of one of the best LGBTQ Instagram accounts because her feed is beautifully curated and her captions are fun and quirky. She’s based in DC so lots of her photos are cool photos of the city but she also travels a bit and is good for some solid mural art and A-frames.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@blairimani Author. Public speaker. Non profit organization founder (it’s called Equality for HER). Activist. I feel like I learn something new every time I see her photo pop up in my feed.

@chefmelissaking Bravo Top Chef Finalist Melissa King has one of the Best LGBTQ accounts because her food is incredibly good looking and she’s not afraid to use her platform to speak up about Pride events and goings-on. I really hope to eat at her restaurant one day. She makes me proud to be Asian and gay.

@frenchieyankee Following David automatically boosts your feed’s beauty (he bounces between DC and Paris and has the most amazing eye). It also boosts your mood since his captions and comments are some of the best on Instagram (he makes fun himself quite a bit lol). If you like chuckling at your phone in public …

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@harperwatters I can’t dance, but if I could I’d want to be Harper Watters. THE Harper Watters. His feed is just downright sexy and cool and the message is always the same: be yourself and have fun doing it. Juan is based in Indianapolis but is always juandering (get it?) around somewhere fun and bringing his unique eye with him. We love that he shares his settings and gear on his feed. It helps us learn how he’s capturing what he’s capturing. It’s a real treat to have someone so skilled behind the lens share his knowledge.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@kama_la_mackerel Selfies perfected and so much more. So much more. Scoot on over and see for yourself. We’d tell you more but honestly, the first time we discovered Kama’s feed was like opening a special present, slowly and with joy. Don’t want to ruin it for you.

@kellyfields Don’t look at Kelly Field’s instagram account unless you’ve just eaten because her feed will make you hungry. It’s more than just pretty pictures of food, though. Garden and Gun called her one of the most influential people in the south and she continues to be so by mentoring others and having what appears to be a blast the entire time.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@lenawaithe Remember the rainbow flag cape that she wore to the Met Gala? (How could you forget it, right?) Surround yourself with people that lift you up, even if it’s just on Instagram.

@lezbackpack Mel and Con make up Lez Backpack. Their feed makes us go “awww” more times than not simply because they’re so dang cute together. We love that they hold hands and kiss and aren’t afraid to share about it.

@lindscale One half of the travel blogging duo behind Dopes on the Road. Inspiring adventurers everywhere including us, to get out and live our best life. Her captions are funny and make her glamorous travel life seem accessible and within reach.

@megcale The other half of Dopes on the Road, she’s constantly traveling and opening our eyes to new people, places and ideas. Her feed a steady stream of color and rainbows and I often find myself smiling at my phone because of what’s in her feed. Mario describes himself on his IG profile as a QPOC, an advocate for LGBTQ rights and an artist of some sort. We’ve got our eye on him because we think he’s one of the leading creatives in the Austin, TX area. He’s also a genuinely nice guy who hasn’t let his success go to his head.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@tarabethphotography You’ll end up at the very bottom of her feed before you know it because her work is just so damn good. Sweet. And hot. I swear there’s steam coming off some of her photos. Thank us later, okay?

@thelocdbella This NYC based lifestyle and wedding photographer and blogger (The Loc’d Bella) is one of a kind. If we all did passion, vulnerability, truth and strong like her … who knows where we’d be? Full disclosure: she’s as cool in real life as she seems on her feed. I’m honored to call her a friend and can’t brag about her enough.

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts

@travisalablanza This London based performer and artist is a breath of fresh air. Travis makes us feel braver to be who we are because they are so comfortable in their own skin. It’s hard to explain but we look at them and think, if they can do it, so can we. Is inspiration ever a bad thing?

Best LGBTQ Instagram Accounts Recap

Okay, so you’ve gotten to the bottom of our best LGBTQ Instagram accounts and you can’t believe we left off so and so? Tell us about it (but please be nice!) We’d love to know who you follow and who you think we should be following! (Yes, it’s okay to nominate yourself.) And as always, don’t forget to follow some of the leading voices @huffpostqueervoices and the @humanrightscampaign. You can never be too informed.

Also, we didn’t list ourselves on here but if you’re not already following us, we’d love for you to give us a look at @authenticasheville@carolineperdue and @e.mcgrady

** Special thanks to Debbie Lemonte for her help with this piece. To learn more about her services, please visit her site The Loc’d Bella or contact her directly at





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