Best Things to Do in Black Mountain, NC

Where is Black Mountain, you ask? Well, from downtown Asheville it’s only 16 miles away (or, depending on traffic, a 20-minute car ride.) As they say, location is everything. And it’s true! You can opt to stay in Black Mountain and access the city with just a short drive, or you can do the reverseContinue reading “Best Things to Do in Black Mountain, NC”

Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks

My inner geek loves any kind of life hack. Who doesn’t?! The following post is a list of our top 5 camping life hacks. Start a fire with a tampon. You can do more with a tampon than just deal with your period. Pretty awesome if you ask us. And it’s easy, too. All youContinue reading “Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks”

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