Review of the CamelBak Pivot Roll Top Backpack

Are you looking for a lightweight backpack that you can use for short day hikes as well as for a trip into the city or to school? Keep reading to see our thoughts and review of the CamelBak Pivot Roll Top Backpack. Hint: we think it’s one of the best lightweight backpacks out there forContinue reading “Review of the CamelBak Pivot Roll Top Backpack”

How to Pick a Great Campsite

You can’t control the weather, but you do have a good bit of control over your campsite. First off, to be clear, we’re not talking backcountry camping. That’s a whole different category of camping. We’re talking about car camping and camping out of your van. Places where you can pull up and basically unload all ofContinue reading “How to Pick a Great Campsite”

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