Van Life: Myth vs. Reality

Are you dreaming of going on an endless vacation and living out of your car or truck or van? Do you look at Instagram accounts of people in awesome VW buses and vanagons and think, man that life looks AWESOME! If so, read on to learn about some common beliefs about life on the road…VanContinue reading “Van Life: Myth vs. Reality”

Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit!

Today was a big day for us! We got our empty Ram ProMaster cargo van converted into something that is going to make life on the road a lot more doable. Our solution? The Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit! (To learn more about why we chose this kit, head on over here.) We spentContinue reading “Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit!”

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