Review of the Backcountry Lightweight 22L Pack

Features of the Backcountry Lightweight 22L Pack Looking to upgrade your old pack to something new and lightweight? Then read on to check out our review of the Backcountry Lightweight 22L Pack. It comes in three different colors and is great for anyone looking for a versatile pack that can be used for short day hikes, schoolContinue reading “Review of the Backcountry Lightweight 22L Pack”

Van Life: The Exped SIM Comfort Duo 7.5 Mat

Update: We’re now using a new sleeping system – a DIY van life bed. This post is for those of you who have been asking what we decided to do for bed cushioning since we elected not to order the cushions from Wayfarer Vans. To make a long story short, we started out using the cushionsContinue reading “Van Life: The Exped SIM Comfort Duo 7.5 Mat”

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