Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks

Top Camping Life Hacks

My inner geek loves any kind of life hack. Who doesn’t?! The following post is a list of our top 5 camping life hacks.

  1. Start a fire with a tampon.

    You can do more with a tampon than just deal with your period. Pretty awesome if you ask us. And it’s easy, too. All you have to do is take the wrapper and applicator off and then light the string. Be sure to set it near the smallest, driest pieces of wood and voila … you can light a fire with a tampon … regardless of whether it’s your time of the month or not.

    Top Camping Life Hacks
    Place the tampon near the kindling.

    Top Camping Life Hacks
    Light the string and then add wood as necessary!
  2. Freeze water bottles and put them in your cooler.

    A little thinking ahead and freezing some water bottles will help keep your food fresh and also be ready for you to drink later on. Sounds like common sense but this is a great way to make the most of limited cooler space. After all you can’t really drink blue ice packs.

  3. Make your own baby wipes.

    Take a roll of paper towels (use Bounty – the cheap ones fall apart!) and cut it in half with a sharp knife. Then put the halved roll in a tupperware container. Next boil about two cups of water. Add one teaspoon of Dr. Bronners and then put the whole thing in the tupperware container. It’s cheaper than baby wipes and smells a little better, too. Plus it’s a good way to help you stay clean on the road whether you’re on a short road trip or living the van life.

  4. Use a cup to make a speaker.

    We’ve used this one several times because we love music but we don’t have an outdoor speaker! All you need is a red solo cup, a sharp knife and a smart phone and you can have a speaker! Eyeball or trace the outline of your phone on the solo cup. Gently cut a slit in the cup and push your phone down into the slot. You don’t actually have to cut the whole rectangle out, in fact leaving a flap will help your phone stay snug in the cup. Then, turn on your phone, pick a favorite song and start rocking out! Don’t pay any attention to people who give you weird looks when they see your homemade speaker. If they don’t get it, forget about ’em!

    Top Camping Life Hacks
    Solo cup awesomeness.
  5. Use Dryer Lint to Start a Fire

    If the tampon trick wasn’t good enough, we’ve also got a second way for you to start a fire. Lint. Not too long ago we had a dryer fire. It was scary! We are really lucky because it didn’t end up doing any damage to our house. It did, however, scare both of us half to death! How could one tiny, cute little ball of old t-shirts and sweaters start a fire?! Uh … because it’s flammable. Two lessons learned here: always check the lint trap for these little critters and save them for campfires in the outdoors because they ignite almost instantly.

    Top Camping Life Hacks
    Give your lint some purpose in life.

    Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks Recap

Now that you have some new ways to start a fire, make some baby wipes, maximize your cooler space and become the life of the party with your new solo cup speaker phone, whatcha waiting for? Let’s go camping! Our camping life hacks should hopefully make your next trip a little easier and add a bit of fun. Have you tried any of these? If so, what did you think?! We’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

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      1. We’re heading north from Florence up the Oregon Coast with our final destination being Seattle and the Olympic National Forest. I’ve never been north of Newport or to Seattle, so I’m very excited!

      2. I’m hoping it gives me lots of ideas. Our last trip fell flat and it was hard to put it out there. Your advice pushed me to follow through, thanks.

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