Review of the Merrell Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Erin McGrady is crouched on a rock holding a small camera. She is looking to her right and is relaxed. She has on a green Merrell t-shirt and Merrell's Women's Speed Solo 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots. Trees and rocks are in the background.

Erin joined Merrells’ Hiking Club as a Trailblazer in 2023 and has been testing out numerous pairs of their hiking boots. Several pairs have become favorites such as the Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mids and the Merrell Antora 3 Mid Waterproofs. Today, though, we’re going to do a full review of the Merrell Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot.

Features of the Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell's Women's Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot are on both Camille Nevarez-Hernandez and Erin McGrady who are both walking on a wooden bridge. Erin has on brown shorts and a green Merrell logo'ed t-shirt with a tan backpack and yellow hat. Camille has on black pants and a tan t-shirt and green backpack. Erin is holding the railing. They are both looking down.

As with all gear, there are numerous features to take a look at. With hiking boots, we’ll explore options like color and width options and then dive into some of the other properties that makes this boot one of our favorites.


As of September 2023, there are four colorways to choose from in Merrell’s Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. Those colorways are: Burlwood, Jade, Rock Multi, and Tobacco/Gold. Merrell’s Men’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot comes in a Clay/Olive, Black, Earth, and Black Multi.


Although Merrell has numerous boots that offer a Wide option, these, unfortunately, only come in a Medium width. I often choose a Wide width when it comes to footwear, but I found these to be comfortable even though they’re a medium. I just wore a slightly thinner sock than normal.


The sole on the Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is made with Virbram Technology. Specifically, it has a Vibram Ecostep Recycle outsole which is deisned with 30% recycled rubber. We’ve found it to be grippy in wet conditions where you’re walking on rock or stones. It gives us confidence to trust our step. As you might expect, it also does really well on dry surfaces, helping you find a firm purchase even when carrying extra weight such as in a backpack. This, combined with a protective and abrasion-resistant rubber heel and toe cap make this one of the best women’s hiking boots on the market. One added bonus is that the lugs are spread out so you rarely have to pick rocks or sticks out of your sole.


One of the features we always look for in a hiking boot, and something we refuse to compromise on, is its cushioning. Luckily, with the Merrell Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, you don’t have to. It’s got a built-in rock plate for protection to help keep your feet from bruising from sharp objects on the trail and extra weight on your back. It’s also got a FloatPro Foam midsole that’s not only lightweight but also durable.


The Merrell Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot weighs 12.34 ounces. The men’s boot also weighs the same.


One thing we’ve come to rely on with all Merrell footwear is comfort. Plainly put, Merrell understands feet and in particular, understands what feet will need and want after a long day on the trail. And for those of us who love to hike, we know that if our feet are feeling good, so will the rest of our body. And as a result, we’ll enjoy our outdoor adventures so much more. Naturally, with these Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots, they fit great right out of the box. Unlike some other brands, they did not require any special break in period. They’re comfortable, cushy, and good for half-day or day hikes with a light to medium pack on your back.


Merrell's Women's Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is seen splashing through a clear creek. There are several different brown boulders nearby. The hiker is in brown shorts and a green short and only half of their body is in view. Green leaves are in the background.

Waterproof hiking boots are a must in Asheville and the surrounding area since we get a ton of rain and there’s almost always a puddle on the trail. We almost always prefer to hike in waterproof boots because you never know when there might be a stream crossing or an unexpected rain shower that leaves a little moisture on the trail. Plus, the waterproofing on these boots still allows for great air-flow so you won’t overheat in them.

The Merrell Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review Recap

We’ve basically put these boots on and then haven’t taken them off. They’ve been a go-to for us all summer and we plan on wearing them into the fall season, too. TLDR? The Merrell Women’s Speed Solo Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of the best out there right now.

Where can you buy these boots?

We always encourage our readers to buy from local businesses whenever possible. If you’re unable to find a Merrell vendor near you, you can also source these boots online at the following links below.

REI Women’s | REI Men’s | Amazon

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