Review of the Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler With Wheels

Erin McGrady is rolling a blue Coleman Atlas 65-Quart Cooler down the middle of boardwalk that extends out into the water. She is looking out at the water and is wearing jean, a black t-shirt, a green beanie, and a red backpack.

Hey y’all! We’re back at it again with another gear review. This time the piece of gear we’re taking a look at is the Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler With Wheels. Keep reading to see why we think this cooler is perfect for your next vacation, tailgate party, or sideline soccer game.


Width: 22 inches
Height: 22.5 inches
Color: Dusk, aka light blue
Model year: 2022
Volume: 65-Quart


Erin McGrady is in the middle of a boardwalk over water. She is pulling a blue Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler behind her. The cooler has a black handle.
Coleman’s Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler is perfect for a day at the lake!

Coleman’s Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler with Wheels was designed for weekends at the lake or the beach. It’s also perfect for long days on the sidelines of your favorite sporting event. It rolls easily along the grass, pavement, and even on a boardwalk and can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite beverage as well as 32 pounds of ice. And if you’re thinking that’s amazing but I cannot carry that, you’re in luck because this cooler has wheels and a collapsible stainless steel handle that makes it easy to pull and steer, even when it’s loaded up.

In addition to the ease with which this cooler fits your life and lifestyle, the cooler’s TempLock™ FX lid and body are fully insulated. This means whatever is inside your cooler stays cold and not just for the day but for days. We tested it out on a long weekend camping trip where temps got up into the mid-sixties during the day and down into the 40s at night. We’re pleased to report that after the third day, our drinks were still cold and there was still a good bit of ice left in the cooler.

A woman in blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt reaches for a blue La Croix out of a blue Coleman cooler filled with ice. The cooler is resting on mulch and two bikes are blurred out behind the cooler.
You can fill the Coleman Atlas 65-Quart Cooler with Wheels with up to 50 cans and 32 pounds of ice!

Two additional features that we love are the antimicrobial liner and the tethered drain plug. These two features work together to keep your cooler smelling and looking fresh. Gone are the days of having a stinky, mildewy cooler. The drain plug is one of our favorite features. Some of the other coolers we’ve used in the past didn’t have a drain plug so we were constantly having to take everything out of the cooler, set it aside, tip the cooler to drain it, and then repack everything in it. As you can imagine, it was a hassle. And it got old really quickly. With the drain plug in this Coleman cooler, you no longer have to waste time emptying and repacking your cooler. You can drain anytime you want without the hassle.


Erin McGrady is pulling a blue Coleman Atlas 65-Quart Cooler down the middle of a wooden boardwalk. She has green trees all around her and there is a little bit of sky in the distance that is visible between all the trees.
The Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler with Wheels is designed to go anywhere you want to go.

The cooler works as advertised and keeps drinks cold for days.
The telescoping handle is rust-resistant so being out in the rain or snow is not an issue because it’s designed for the outdoors!
The drain plug is super helpful in keeping food fresh.
The Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler with Wheels is made with 15% less plastic vs. comparable Coleman coolers.
Has four drink holders on the lid.
Works well as a seat at the game or at camp.
Coleman’s Atlas Series 65-Quart cooler is super durable. We’ve dropped it, kicked it, accidentally backed into it with the van, and have left it out in the rain and it still looks and feels brand new.


It’s a little on the large side for us for extended travel in the van but it’s great for a car camping weekend.
When fully loaded with 50 cans and 32 pounds of ice, it takes two to lift it into the van. The good thing is that it’s manageable together. If for some reason one of us needed that much to drink, we’d simply put the cooler in the van first and then load it up. All in all, neither of these cons are dealbreakers for us.

Review of The Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler With Wheels Recap

Erin McGrady is sitting on a blue Coleman Atlas 65-Quart Cooler. She is facing a lake and there are three cypress trees in the lake. She is wearing a yellow jacket and green trucker hat and jeans.
Load up your favorite food and drink and throw it in the cooler – we’re headed for the lake!

The Coleman Atlas Series 65-Quart Cooler with Wheels is an outstanding cooler for outdoor adventures; whether it’s a tailgating party, a soccer match, or a long weekend car camping trip. There are a lot of options out on the market these days for coolers but you can’t beat the value and quality that this cooler provides. It had plenty of space for the two of us but we think it could also easily serve 4-6 people for a day at the beach.

Erin McGrady is a Coleman Collective Ambassador and this is a sponsored blog post. While we genuinely love and use this product, we were paid to review and suggest the Coleman Atlas Cooler. Your support of this blog and this post means that we can continue to share about our camper van adventures in Asheville and beyond. Thank you, as always, for the read!

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