The holidays are here and so is the stress of gift giving. Enter our gift ideas. Check out our top picks which have been hand-selected and are geared for the adventurer in your life. Want to treat yourself this holiday season? Below is our gift guide and our top picks of not only cool things that they’ll be stoked to see but things they’ll get a lot of use out of.

5 Gift ideas under $25

Van Life: Your Home on the Road We found this book at the famous Powell’s bookstore in Portland. It sort of just jumped out at us. It’s the perfect book for that #vanlife lover in your life. Warning: upon reading you might have the urge to quit your job and go on a very long adventure.

Fire Starter by Ultimate Survival Technologies My brother loves this little tool. We do, too. Guaranteed spark, every single time.

Beanie from Narrative Coffee Great coffee, great shop, great staff. Can’t say enough about this place. We even bought a beanie for ourselves when we were in town.

Hipcamp Gift Card If you love the idea of giving an experience, you can’t go wrong with giving a Hipcamp gift card. There’s tons of sites all of the country for your adventurer to choose from!

National Geographic Road Atlas – Adventure Edition A paper map? Hell yeah. This thing is one of our road trip MVP’s. There’s plenty of times when we can’t get a signal or just want to explore without cellphones. This is our favorite version of road atlas because it shows you where all the camping spots are located. It’s put us on some really cool spots a number of times and we do not leave home without it. Ever.


7 more for under $25

Goal Zero Flip 10 Portable Charger Let’s face it, many of our favorite things run on batteries and need a charge. When you’re out in the woods, it can be hard to re-juice. Not anymore with this little lightweight charger. It’ll get your dead iPhone back up in running to let your buddies know you’re off the trail and heading to the bar.

Headlamp by Black Diamond We don’t realize how important our headlamp is until we can’t find it. Light the way!

Bike Lock – Kryptonite KryptoFlex Nothing worse than a stolen bike.

Eye mask by Eagle Creek When you’ve slept in a certain number of Wal-Mart parking lots, you will want this mask. Trust us. We broke the rubberband head piece thing on the “beauty mask” the first night we wore it.

Trail Runner Magazine We look forward to this magazine showing up in our mailbox and it offers up a monthly dose of running motivation. The photography is gorgeous and the stories are compelling. Can’t go wrong with this for the runner in your life.

Nalgene Water Bottle Sure there’s fancier water bottles out there these days but we’re a little old school and these do just fine. BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Tripod by Joby My mom and dad gave me this tripod a couple years ago and it gets the job done. It’s lightweight, compact and bends in all sorts of ways to help you get a shot from places you never thought you could.

Gift ideas under $50

BLACKRAPID Camera Straps There’s a ton of camera straps to choose from. Our personal favorites are the Wrist Strap Breathe, Hand Strap Breathe (pictured below), Curve Breathe and the Backpack Breathe.


French Press – Sterling Pro Makes a great cup of coffee. Perfect for car camping but maybe not so much for fastpacking or backpacking since it’s made of glass.

Pelican Case I love this case because it’s dust-proof and waterproof and is guaranteed to keep your things safe. It’s designed for a phone but I’ve carried my smaller Fuji Camera, my X100S in this for a couple years and it’s never let me down.

Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves  Mittens that turn into gloves. These things are stylish, durable, fast-drying and also functional.

5 Liter Dry Bag by SealLine The PurgeAir waterproof valve helps you squeeze out all the extra air so your bag squishes down even smaller. It’s waterproof and holds more than enough stuff for a day on the water.

Gift ideas under $100

America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass You can use this pass in any of the National Parks and on any of the Federal Recreational Lands, essentially waiving your entry fee. It’s a good deal financially, especially if you frequent these spaces more than once a year.

Coffee Grinder – Handground Precision Coffee Grinder Some people look at us funny when we pull out our coffee grinder but we love the ritual of coffee making, right down to the way it feels (and smells). There’s 15 grind settings to choose from so even the pickiest coffee enthusiasts are bound to find a setting they love.

ENO Hammock Relax like a pro. This Asheville, North Carolina company has been making some of the best hammocks in the world since 1999 and their hammocks are sure to help you unwind on the road or at home.

TOPO Designs Y-Pack This pack goes everywhere with us. It has a laptop sleeve and a big storage compartment in the top that makes it my top pick for a day pack.

Leatherman Tool There’s nothing worse than needing a knife, or a screwdriver, or some scissors and not having them when you need them. Forget that. This tool has you covered and even comes with it’s own case. We’ve used it for everything from spreading peanut butter to cutting rope.

Gift ideas under $150

AAA Membership If your loved one has an old vehicle, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Trust us, we’ve used our membership so many times this year we’ve lost count.

Glacier Sunglasses by Julbo Vermont These are super rad looking. One part steampunk, one part old school mountaineer. They’re made of leather, are unisex and offer 100 percent UV protection.

Kelty Double Wide Sleeping Bag This bag is built for two! My mom and dad gave it to us as an early Christmas present and it’s been a life-saver more than once. We’ve tested it in temperatures that got down into the low 30’s and kept us toasty. It’s actually rated for the 20’s so what are you waiting for?!

Pendleton Blanket Super Instagrammy and warm, it’s an investment in comfort and style.

Portable Speaker by JBL For the music lover in your life. Why? Because campfires are way more fun when there’s a dance party. Bluetooth technology allows it to pair wirelessly with your phone and the battery lasts up to 20 hours meaning you’re good to go for a really long, really fun weekend.

Hopefully this list will help you pick a gift for the road-tripper, camper, adventurer in your life. We get it that the holidays can be a stressful time of year but hopefully these suggestions will take a little of the panic out of your decision-making and gift-giving.

Oh and if you want to go old-school style and make ’em a mix tape that’s cool too. I always used to love getting them as presents. A personal spotify playlist isn’t a bad idea either. Hope on over to our Top Road Trip Songs playlist to see what we’re listening to these days.



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