What kind of dog should I get?

If you’re considering getting a dog, consider these questions:

Click on this link if you already know what kind of dog you want. It leads to something free for your pup (and you!)

  1. What kind of place do you live in?
  2. Do you have any kids?
  3. Do you have other pets?
  4. Do you want a dog that hangs out on the sofa, likes to walk around the neighborhood or goes on big adventures with you?
  5. Do you mind noise (aka barking…)?
  6. Do you like to have a really clean house? (We’re talking about fur here…)

Depending on how you answered these questions will affect which kind of dog you should (or should not) get.

Stay tuned for more info on breeds…

Published by Erin McGrady

Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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