Van Life with a Dog

I’ll never forget the day we got Maggie. We’d gone to Blue Ridge Pride Festival on a Saturday and I spotted her from afar. I didn’t want to get attached because I didn’t think, realistically, we’d adopt her. I thought she was really cute and chill in the crowd but it seemed unlikely we’d getContinue reading “Van Life with a Dog”

Camper Van Conversion of the Ram Promaster 1500 High Roof

Y’all we said we’d never buy another Ram van after the problems we’ve had with our Ram Promaster City (2018). And yet, we did just that. We purchased a used 2019 Ram Promaster 1500 high roof van. It has a high roof and a 136-inch wheelbase. And we’re pretty darn stoked about it. Keep readingContinue reading “Camper Van Conversion of the Ram Promaster 1500 High Roof”

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