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Best Travel Books

Inspiration comes in so many forms these days. For starters, there’s YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. But for us, nothing quite has the same effect on us as a really great book. As such, we’ve created a list of our favorite books that inspire us to travel. How many of these have you read? Need a little travel inspiration? We’ve broken down some of our … Read More Best Travel Books


10 Money Saving Road Trip Tips

Traveling is awesome but spending money never is. It’s actually one of the most stressful things we deal with on the road. Over the past couple of months we’ve figured out a few ways to cut down on our expenses. Following these money saving travel tips might just help you save enough to stay on the road a little bit longer. Come up with … Read More 10 Money Saving Road Trip Tips


1976 Toyota Chinook – For Sale

$2000 UPDATE: SOLD! Located in Angloa, Indiana (the northeast corner of the state – just over the Ohio border.) 4 Speed 4 Cylinder R20 Engine Shows ~12,000 miles on the odometer but we don’t know how many times it’s rolled over. Pop top camper The good: 4 new tires New brakes New fuel lines New fuel pump A locking safe New radiator New propane … Read More 1976 Toyota Chinook – For Sale

+ Van Life Vocabulary

Van Life Vocabulary

Is this a dorky thing to write about? It might be. But we decided made a post about some of the most common words you’ll hear on the lips of RV’ers and van owners because learning the lingo and jargon is often a good place to get started when you’re getting into something new. We also not-so-secretly hope that it will speed up the … Read More Van Life Vocabulary

+ Top Camping Life Hacks

Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks

My inner geek loves any kind of life hack. Who doesn’t?! The following post is a list of our top 5 camping life hacks. Start a fire with a tampon. You can do more with a tampon than just deal with your period. Pretty awesome if you ask us. And it’s easy, too. All you have to do is take the wrapper and applicator … Read More Our Top 5 Camping Life Hacks

+ Van Life: Spring Packing Guide!

Van Life: Spring Road Trip Packing Guide

Spring in Florida is a lot like summer in other places and so the gear we’ll be bringing will be a LOT different than what we hauled with us on our last road trip. We’ve also learned a good bit about our travel habits and needs since then and will be bringing less stuff. Goodbye, kitchen sink! If you’re heading out on the road … Read More Van Life: Spring Road Trip Packing Guide


Van Life: How to Declutter

Downsize. Minimize. Minimal. De-cluttering. For us, the process started years ago but recently we’ve taken it to new levels. Whatever you call it, DOING it can have lasting benefits. Van Life: How to Declutter Maybe you have no plans to live in a van. Or you don’t even want to go cross-country on a road trip. That’s okay! Chances are though, this post might … Read More Van Life: How to Declutter

+ Van Life: How to Stay Clean on the Road

Van Life Tips: How to Stay Clean on the Road!

I can’t believe we’re actually writing a post van life tips and how to stay clean on the road. Mostly because I can hear my mom saying, “Ew, Erin…you should take a bath every day!” (Sorry in advance Mom and Dad, please don’t be upset!) But also because I really don’t want you, my friends, to think we’re gross! Okay, maybe I bragged in … Read More Van Life Tips: How to Stay Clean on the Road!

+ Van Life Workouts

Van Life Workouts

Our health and wellness is really important to us but living on the road can make meeting fitness goals challenging. We run several times a week and when we’re driving for long stretches at a time, we often pull over and take a moving break. A lot of times it’s only a five or ten minute burst of activity, but it’s enough to bring … Read More Van Life Workouts

+ Van Life: Myth vs. Reality

Van Life: Myth vs. Reality

Are you dreaming of going on an endless vacation and living out of your car or truck or van? Do you look at Instagram accounts of people in awesome VW buses and vanagons and think, man that life looks AWESOME! If so, read on to learn about some common beliefs about life on the road…Van Life: Myth vs. Reality. 1. Myth: Everywhere we camp … Read More Van Life: Myth vs. Reality


Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit!

Today was a big day for us! We got our empty Ram ProMaster cargo van converted into something that is going to make life on the road a lot more doable. Our solution? The Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit! (To learn more about why we chose this kit, head on over here.) We spent the night in Colorado Springs because we had an … Read More Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kit!

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Why We Chose the Wayfarer Van Conversion Kit

We get more than a little excited putting energy into planning our road trips, whether they are for work or play. Thankfully they are often a mixture of both. There is a plethora of information on the web these days on how to convert your van into a camper. As much as we love a building project, if there is one we know for … Read More Why We Chose the Wayfarer Van Conversion Kit

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