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There is so much to see, do and eat in Seattle! This is by no means a comprehensive list, we’ve only just scratched the surface of all the fun experiences a person can have in this city. Below is a snapshot of what we did. Pike Place Market It’s more than just the name of a Starbucks roast, Pike Place Market is a public, … Read More Seattle!


Road Trip Ready?! Take our Quiz!

Are You Ready For a Cross Country Adventure?! We’ve put together 10 questions to help you decide if you’re ready to go cross country or not. First off, decide if you’re traveling solo or with someone else. 1. Do you enjoy driving? If not, you pretty much have a fundamental problem. Unless of course you can find someone who does! I’ve been lucky enough … Read More Road Trip Ready?! Take our Quiz!


Pacific Northwest Treehouse #2

Not too far outside of Monroe, Washington you will find a place that is home to two of the most amazing treehouses we have ever seen. The first can be seen here. The second on we’re about to share with you. It’s built 11 feet off the ground and literally in the trees. It comes in at a whopping 70sq. feet, perfect for those of … Read More Pacific Northwest Treehouse #2


Pacific Northwest Treehouse

We recently scouted out a property for Hipcamp just east of the little town of Monroe, Washington. It was easily one of the most unique places we’ve stayed at. You’ll see the treehouse from the driveway as you pull up. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably blink your eyes several times to make sure that what you’re looking at is real. It is. … Read More Pacific Northwest Treehouse


Our Road Trip Packing List

Caroline and I have done a bunch of traveling together recently and though we had to downsize our belongings after our Chinook House Car died, we’ve been having a blast. If you’ve been wondering what all we packed here ya go! Oh! And be sure to click on some of the links to see gear reviews we’ve done for our friends over at Asheville … Read More Our Road Trip Packing List


A photo essay of New York City

A photo essay of 48 hours in New York City


Lots to be thankful for …

Well we’ve been on the road for a little more than a month now and it’s been quite an adventure. Though the motorhome we started in is currently for sale in Indiana, we’re happy to report that we’ve made it all the way to Eugene, Oregon! Some of our highlights so far include stops in the Wichita Mountains, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Joshua Tree National … Read More Lots to be thankful for …

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