Why we Love The Google Pixel 2XL and 3XL Phones

Google sent us a Pixel 2XL in August of 2018 for us to test out and we loved it. When they said they’d like to send us the Pixel 3XL we were super excited. A quick trip to the Verizon store somewhere in Arizona did the trick and now we’re both using these phones full-time.Continue reading “Why we Love The Google Pixel 2XL and 3XL Phones”

Ozark Trail Cooler Review (26 quarts)

After traveling and working with an old Igloo cooler for the last year and a half my parents surprised us with a brand new cooler and we are loving it! Here’s our take on the Ozark Trail 26 Quart Cooler which we think is perfect for van life. Ozark Trail Cooler Review This cooler claimsContinue reading “Ozark Trail Cooler Review (26 quarts)”

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