Our Tiny House in Asheville, North Carolina

Tiny House Living in West Asheville!

We built this tiny house in West Asheville. It sits right behind Hole Doughnuts, just off Haywood road. Our house was completed in October 2018. It’s also currently up for rent. Per city laws we can not short term rent it but we can do a 30 day rental. If you are interested, please let us know! Below is more info on our Tiny House in Asheville, North Carolina!

UPDATE: We recently built a fence for more privacy between our house and Hole Doughnuts. There is a door that tenants can access should they want to pass through.

Tiny House Living in West Asheville!
The “front” of the house!

Behind the Tiny House Idea

Tiny House Living in Asheville, North Carolina!
This book, Cabin Porn, was one of Caroline’s inspirations for our tiny house.

The tiny home concept for Caroline actually started years ago. She rebuilt an old cabin in Weaverville and realized that small spaces really suited her. So, too, did designing homes. That feeling was then reinforced when she purchased a Spartan Mansion travel trailer and realized she could live in an even smaller space than her cabin.

Anyway, when the opportunity arose for us to build something in West Asheville, well, we leapt at it!

Part of the inspiration from the house came the book, Cabin Porn. Part of it was from images and ideas she had been collecting in her head and online for the last several years.

Tiny House Living in West Asheville!
Peeking out from behind the backyard fence.
Tiny House in West Asheville!

I am so in awe of Caroline’s vision. She has a knack for putting different elements together and for creating a space that feels really good. Our home is unique and is at the same time comfortable. Kind of like her. I am so proud of her for bringing this project together. I keep encouraging her to let me make a sign and hang it on our house so that other people can hire her for her talents. Maybe one day she’ll let me!

It was really cool to see my wife really in her element doing and making something that really fulfilled her. I hope I get to see it again soon.

Tiny house living in Asheville, North Carolina
This is Caroline!

We’re in the process of adding a back patio and a fence. One step at a time! At some point maybe we’ll add a deck off the second floor. For now, we love it just the way it is.

Tiny House Living in West Asheville!
This door will eventually open up to a patio and stairs.
Tiny House Living in West Asheville!
Just hanging out!

Recap: Tiny House in Asheville.

Are you interested in renting our house? Please send us a message to lagniappestreetllc@gmail.com We’re currently renting for 30 days.

Want to see photos of the inside? Press here for more!



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