Asheville Tiny House Interior

Asheville Tiny House Interior

Our tiny house in West Asheville, North Carolina was completed in October 2018. We shared a story the other day about the house but it only featured photos of the exterior. In this story we are going to give you a tour of the interior space and also share some more details about the design.

Tiny House Details

The total square footage of our tiny home is 484 square feet. Some people say that true tiny homes must be between 60 and 400 square feet. If it feels better to call it a small home that’s cool with us.

The bedroom and bathroom are both on the second floor.

The downstairs is an open floor plan living room and kitchen. Our concrete floors are partially covered with rugs for comfort but they can be picked up for easy sweeping. In addition there is a new gas stove and oven as well as a new refrigerator and new instantaneous gas water heater.

Our tiny house uses efficient electric heat. It has a brand new wall electric unit on both floors. We used foam insulation and new double paned windows to help keep energy costs down. These choices also help to insulate against outside noise. We also have a ceiling fan in the kitchen area/living room as well as one upstairs in the bedroom.

Now that you know some of the details, are you ready for a tour of our Asheville Tiny House Interior?

First Floor of the Tiny House in Asheville

Asheville Tiny House Interior
Welcome, come on in!
Asheville Tiny House Interior
This is living room area.
Asheville Tiny House Interior
Here is the kitchen area!
Asheville Tiny House Interior
This is where we share meals.

The exterior door in the kitchen area opens up to a fenced-in side yard which is about 30 x 30 x 10. It allows you to have access to the outdoors as well as privacy.

Asheville Tiny House Interior
Our pantry is behind this old green door.
Asheville Tiny House Interior
Here is the creative corner. Sit, read, think or make special things here.
Asheville Tiny House Interior
Hang out here, okay?
Asheville Tiny House Interior
Are you ready to go upstairs?
Here we go!

Second Floor of the Tiny House in Asheville

Up here on the second floor is the bathroom and bedroom. The ceilings are vaulted up here and somehow makes the space feel light and airy.

Asheville Tiny House Interior
This is the bathroom!
Asheville Tiny House Interior
And here is your shower!
Black House 87
Black House 88
Black House 89
Black House 90

This is an actual tiled shower. There is also a heat light in the bathroom which will help keep you toasty in the winter. To the left of the shower is the stacked washer and dryer as well as the toilet. If you hang a right out of the bathroom and come down the hallway you will enter the bedroom! Check out our cork floor! If laying a cork floor together doesn’t make you closer I don’t know what will, haha. Behind these doors is your closet space! This is where you will sleep. It’s a brand new queen size bed.There is a little night stand to your left. The lamp on there used to be on my desk. I think it looks better here now. The natural light that comes in your windows at different times of day is really lovely. The good thing is you can let it in or keep it out with the new blinds.

We built high ceilings on both floors to give the tiny house an open feeling. Many people have commented that it feels larger than 484 square feet.

Asheville Tiny House Interior Recap:

Well that about sums up what the inside of what our home looks like!

Please note the following things about this rental:

  • This is a furnished rental
  • Pets allowed: small dogs
  • 30 day rental

If you are interested, please email us at

Thanks to everyone who has already emailed us about renting – we will get in touch soon!


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