We crave tacos almost all the time. Luckily, Asheville, North Carolina has several great places to choose from to satisfy your taco craving. You could literally go to a different place every single day of the week. Each of the restaurants we picked have their own unique twist on tacos. Listed below, in no particular order, is The Best Places to Get Tacos in Asheville.

Taco Time!

Bar Taco – We know it’s a chain and they’re a little on the small side but still…the tacos at Bar Taco are super-tasty. We really love the pork pastor and the portobello with queso fresco. Oh and the churros and cocktails are delicious as well.

Belly Up – This food truck (and upcoming brick and mortar) has a handheld chicken and waffle taco that’s unique and really delicious. According to their own website they really give you something to tacobout lol.

Grey Eagle Taqueria – The carnitas and carne asada here are soooo good. Just the thought of them makes my mouth water. The sides are good as well. Go for the fermented cabbage slaw (curtido) and the chips and salsa. Stay for music while you’re at it!

Mamacita’s – The corn tortillas are awesome here. And the flavors of the simmering sauce of the pork taco is incredible. The baja sauce is on point as well. Tuesdays are Two Dollar Taco Nights … just sayin’ …

Taco Billy – They make all kinds of tacos but this is where we go here for breakfast tacos. You can build your own or just go for the Billy Joel or Billie Holiday. Heck, they’re all good. The plantain tortillas are unique and the Yardbird is a local favorite.

Taco Temple – The fish tacos here are great. The grilled ones and the fried ones. We also really like the black bean taco with queso fresco on it. They ground their own masa and make their own corn tortillas. Also, according to our friend Carol Pennell, you can’t ever go wrong with whatever they have on special.

And last but not least … this might be our favorite …

Zia Taqueria – This is one of our favorite spots to go for tacos. The chips and salsa that they bring before your food comes are really good and the tacos themselves are finger-licking awesome. If you like spicy, go for the grilled fish taco which has jalapeno peppers on it.

Did we miss anything taco-wise? Where’s your favorite place to eat tacos in Asheville?

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