The Best Coffee Shops in Asheville

Caroline Whatley in Odd's Cafe

We get it. Coffee’s just as important to you as it is to us. I mean, it’s how we start every single day. There’s tons of options and places for you to grab coffee in Asheville. But why settle for an okay experience when you can have an awesome one? Below is our list of the very best coffee shops in Asheville that will not only warm your heart but feed your soul.

West Asheville

Odds Cafe
This coffee shop is hands down my favorite coffee shop in Asheville. It’s on the west side of town and I like to ride my bike and walk to it. The baristas are super friendly and Audrie, the owner, is one of the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve met in town. Their drinks are delicious, the wifi is good and the atmosphere is dog friendly. The shop also has a rotating cast of artists who hang their work there each month. It’s a great place to go and get some work done or chat with a friend. This spot also made it onto our list of favorite coffee shops in the United States!

Battle Cat
Okay, maybe it’s a tie between Odd’s and Battle Cat. Because when I’m forced to choose I just can’t. Battle Cat uses coffee from PennyCup Coffee Company and their stuff is amaaaaazing. I like to go there, sit in the back room with the big windows and crank out creative work. The bathroom is close, the wifi is consistent and Tiger Bay’s breakfast bagels are only a few steps away and they are amazing.

Flora + Forage
Part coffee shop, part gorgeous flower shop, this place has all the best vibes and great coffee and snacks to go with it. We highly recommend this place if you are looking for a peaceful way to sip coffee or work on your computer. The views of Haywood Road from the barstool and window seat are perfect for daydreaming or procrastination and the location can’t be beat.


Olarié Coffee
This coffee shop opened in October of 2019 but quickly became one of our favorites. The space is bright and fun to be in and the coffee is delicious. It’s hard to find a good cup of decaf that actually tastes like anything but the decaf americano at Olarie is super flavorful. The wifi is consistent and fast and there are several seating options.

PennyCup Coffee Company
Back when Caroline owned Hole Doughnuts, she worked with PennyCup to come up with a “Hole Roast”. Paired with a doughnut or even by itself, it’s a delicious cup. You can only get it at Hole but it just goes to show how much we like what they do. (It’s also what we drink at home.) They have a couple of shops, one downtown on Market Street and another on Beverly Road. They also have a tasting room on Depot Street!

High Five Coffee
Do you like to drink your coffee in spaces that feel good? If so, post up at the bar in High Five on Rankin next to beautiful succulents and stare out the window at people passing by. The music is always fun, the baristas are super friendly and the coffee is delicious and brewed just for you. They partner with Counter Culture Coffee and they also have two other locations for you to get your fix.

Trade and Lore
We go to this coffee shop when we want to be downtown but not surrounded by a ton of cars and traffic. It’s right off of Wall Street, has a nice little patio area that gets good sun and is a great spot to people watch. They get their coffee from Mountain Air Roasting and have snacks on hand from OWL Bakery. Yes, please.

River Arts District:

Summit Coffee Asheville
There’s a lot to love about Summit: the coffee is delicious, they offer a pour over decaf for those of you who’ve had to kick caffeine to the curb, the space is gorgeous and the wifi is good (there is no time limit on it.) In addition there’s plenty of parking, an outside area and you’re just across the street from the Wedge and 12 Bones BBQ.


Honorable Mention:

Izzys Coffee House
Double D’s Coffee and Desserts

There’s others, I know. But these are our favorite coffee shops in Asheville. They’re LGBTQ friendly, accepting of all and a great place to hang out with old friends and meet new people.

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Published by Erin McGrady

Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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