Places in Asheville With Outdoor Heaters

a photo of the Wedge building at sunset. The sky is blue with pink clouds. Brown and green grass are in the foreground and a line of cars behind that are in front of the building.

We went to Instagram and asked our online community to share about places in Asheville with outdoor heaters. Why? Because when we get the chance to go somewhere, we often can’t think of where to go to stay warm. Now all of the information is in one place. Keep reading to see where you can enjoy a beer or some food while staying warm.

All Souls Pizza | 175 Clingman Ave

It’s no secret that we love pizza, especially the ones coming out of All Souls Pizza. We typically get one per person and though cheese and mushrooms typically are our go-to’s, when we go to All Souls we almost always order whatever the special is that day. The outdoor dining is great…there are numerous picnic tables on the paved patio and even a few on the lawn next to the flowers. The heaters are next to the picnic tables and offer some warmth during those colder months.

12 Bones Brewing | 2350 Hendersonville Road

The beer and food at 12 Bones speaks for itself. It’s so damn good. And the owners are some of the nicest people in town. They also have outdoor heaters near their picnic tables on the side of the building.

Baby Bull | 1 Roberts Street

Two hands hold beer, one a silver can and one in a brown bottle with a cream white label that has a drawing of a burger and a bull's skull. It reads "Baby Bull" on it. The two beers are touching as if to toast.
The beer and the burgers at Baby Bull are worth braving cooler temperatures especially because they have a bunch of outdoor heaters by their picnic tables.

Long-time Asheville residents will fondly recall the Monday night Burger Night at Bull and Beggar. It was a double patty burger with cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, and mayo served with french fries and a pork rind. If you had it, you’re probably drooling by now. The good thing is, you can get this burger Thursday-Monday at Baby Bull, located in the River Arts District near the silo. Oh, and they’ve got outdoor heaters to keep you comfy while you eat. Bonus: Monday nights you can get a burger, fries, and a beer or soda (not available to go) for $9.99.

Bottle Riot | 37 Paynes Way

Bottle Riot is located in the River Arts District and it has a deep selection of both bottles and wines by the glass. Plus, they have a little bit of everything on their menu from $7 wines to a $400 bottle of 2008 Louis Roederer, Cristal.

Brew Pump | 760 Haywood Road

There’s a bunch of beer to choose from at the Brew Pump in West Asheville. It’s a pretty chill place and there’s usually a food truck parked out in front. If you like to smoke, this is a good spot for you. If you can’t stand cigarette smoke, this is probably not your place.

Bull and Beggar | 37 Paynes Way

After grabbing a glass of wine at Bottle Riot, head on over to their next-door neighbor, Bull and Beggar. This is some of the finest food in Asheville. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu and the service is always excellent. But in addition to their upscale food, they also have outdoor heaters and a canvas tent on their patio so you can dine in comfort.

Burial Beer | 40 Collier Avenue

Craft beer enthusiasts don’t have to go without their favorite brews from Burial this winter as they are one of the spots in South Slope with outdoor heaters. They’ve also got a designated smoking area for those of you who like to partake and those of you who don’t want to be around it. Guzzle all the Surf Wax you can handle without freezing your butt off!

Cecilia’s Kitchen | 870 Merrimon Avenue

You may have seen Cecilia’s food truck around Asheville as she often has it parked at farmers markets and breweries but did you know that she also has a brick and mortar? Yep, you can order her crepes, empanadas, tamales, and more and also eat ’em under some heat!

DSSOLVR | 63 North Lexington Avenue

Another brewery in downtown Asheville with outdoor heaters is DSSOLVR. From North Lexington, it doesn’t look like they have an outdoor patio but they do. And it has outdoor heaters to pair with their creatively named and tasty beers.

Forestry Camp | 10 Shady Oak Drive

The fine people behind Burial Beer are also behind Forest Camp so it should come as no surprise that their other location also has outdoor heaters. Note: Forestry Camp is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Highland Brewing | 12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite #12

One of our favorite outdoor spaces (you can hang a hammock there) also happens to have outdoor heaters. It’s a solid pick, especially once their Cold Mountain beers are on tap. Plus, there’s plenty of space to spread out, the bathrooms are always really clean, and the outdoor bar makes re-fills easy.

Jettie Rae’s Oyster House | 143 Charlotte Street

This restaurant recently made it onto our blog with their burger. We put it in our list of the best burgers in Asheville. And if it comes as a surprise to you, we get it! Because first and foremost this is a seafood spot. Regardless of what you order, you’ll eat without freezing as they have outdoor heaters.

Leo’s House of Thirst | 1055 Haywood Road

If you’re looking for a cool spot to grab some delicious food and drinks, check out Leo’s House of Thirst. They are a great spot for brunch and for meeting up with friends as they have outdoor heaters at their picnic tables and also a firepit that has several benches where a group can gather. Their servers are super friendly and knowledgeable and we’ve always had a fun time there.

New Belgium Brewing | 21 Craven Street

One of our favorite breweries in Asheville is New Belgium Brewing. They’re a legit LGBTQ safe space and in the spring/summer of 2022 they underwent a huge renovation to their outdoor space. Part of the updates now include numerous outdoor heaters on their patio. There are a large number of picnic tables and even a retractable roof over that area. We’re pretty pumped about these changes to one of our favorite spots and can’t wait to drink a beer in the warmth this winter.

Oak and Grist | 1556 Grovestone Road

Technically, Oak and Grist, an Asheville area distillery, is located in Black Mountain. But from downtown Asheville it’s just an 18 minute drive (14 miles) until you’re sipping on one of their spirits in the comfort of an outdoor heater. Bonus: they offer 30-minute tours of their distillery which you can book online.

River Rhapsody Beer Company | 995 Riverside Drive

This brewery is just outside of Asheville in the small town of Woodfin but it’ll keep ya toasty with their beer and outdoor heaters no matter how cold the temps get. They have ten or 11 beers on tap as well as a cider and a handful of wines in a can.

Rhubarb | 7 SW Pack Square

Head on over to Rhubarb if you’re looking for a space with outdoor heaters in downtown Asheville. John Fleer, owner and chef, is one of the more well-known chefs in Asheville as he was named one of the “Rising Stars of the 21st Century” by the James Beard Foundation. He’s also been a five-time finalist for the James Beard award “Best Chef in the Southeast.” Basically what we’re saying is you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible meal while staying warm.

Rye Knot | 868 Merrimon Avenue

This distillery, brewery, and restaurant in North Asheville also happens to have outdoor heaters. Their patio makes good use of the sidewalk and parking lot so if you visit, drive slowly as people spill out into the street when there’s live music. It’s only been in business since 2020 but it’s one of the more lively spots in this part of town. And it’s close to UNCA.

Sunny Point Cafe | 626 Haywood Road

We’re just going to go ahead and quote our friend Sam Kearney who happens to be a bartender at Sunny Point. In her words, “We’ve got heaters outside and a heated covered patio with roll down walls that still allow a little airflow while keeping most of the chill at bay.” And if you haven’t had the food yet, what in the world are you waiting for? It’s one of our favorite neighborhood spots around. Thanks, Sam!

Taco Billy | 201 Haywood Road

When we get a craving for tacos we’ll often head to Taco Billy. Their to-go service is easy and fast and they also happen to have heaters in their back porch area which has numerous picnic tables near outdoor heaters. If you’re in West Asheville and you want to grab a bite outdoors, check ’em out. Our favorite taco is the Billy Joel.

The Whale | 507 Haywood Road, #10

a photo of The Whale in West Asheville. There are a few outdoor heaters to the left of the building and a bunch of people sitting at picnic tables in the outdoor space.
Want unique craft beers in West Asheville with outdoor heaters? Head on over to The Whale!

We spent part of our Halloween at The Whale because it’s fun and they have a great selection of delicious, hard-to-find craft beers from all over the world. If you tell them what you like, they’ll help you find something tasty to drink. And they have both outdoor heaters and also an outdoor tent. It’s one of our favorite spots in West Asheville.

Turgua Brewing | 3131 Cane Creek Road

Another spot on our list of places in WNC with outdoor heaters is Turgua Brewing. In addition to an assortment of farmhouse-style beers, they also have mead and wine. There are some picnic tables available in addition to their outdoor heaters but they encourage people to bring their own lawn chairs. Note: they do not offer flights.

Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse | 121 Biltmore Avenue

One of the newer restaurants in Asheville also happens to have outdoor heaters and an outdoor fireplace. This Japanese Smokehouse has numerous tasty dishes to choose from (we enjoyed everything we had but in particular loved the striped bass grilled with a brown butter ponzu, lemon, and sea salt. This is a great place for a date or also before seeing a show at the Orange Peel which is just across the street.

Universal Joint | 784 Haywood Road

The U-joint is near the funky intersection in West Asheville, across the street from the Brew Pump, mentioned above. You can go there to grab some bar bites (burgers, quesadillas, salads) and a beer and hang out in their front patio under the heat. Look for the chalkboard with their daily specials.

Wag Bar | 320 Merrimon Avenue

One of the most fun spots in the Asheville area with outdoor heaters is Wag Bar. Technically it’s in Weaverville, but it’s totally worth the drive. Why? Because they’ve combined a bar with a dog park. You can visit Wagbar for a drink and just to be around dogs even if you don’t have your own pup.

Walls Wine Bar | 38 Broadway Street

Our friend the Uncorked Librarian told us about Walls Wine Bar in downtown Asheville. They’ve got outdoor heaters on their sidewalk patio area and a whole host of delicious wines (organic, biodynamic, and natural wines) to choose from. Plus, if you need to get out of the elements for a bit, you can walk into the gallery and check out some amazing photography.

Wedge Brewing Co. at Wedge Studios | 37 Paynes Way

Three t-shits bearing various Wedge brewery logos are hanging from a metal fence. There is a person sitting under and overhead outdoor heater in the background. A string of colorful Christmas lights runs along the top of the fence.
The outdoor heaters are on at the Wedge Brewery in the River Arts District.

There are some nice overhead outdoor heaters at the old Wedge. This is the one next to Bottle Riot. They’re a lot more powerful than some of the heater towers that are more common. They also have some smaller outdoor heaters near their picnic tables out in the parking lot and if you ask really nicely someone may turn one on for you.

Whistlehop Brewing Company | 1288 Charlotte Highway

Take a little drive out to Fairview and look for the boxcar up on the hill. Once you see it, pull on in and grab a beer. Whistelhop is both family-friendly and pet-friendly. They’ve got everything from cornhole to disc golf on their three-acre property. They also have big radiant heaters hanging from the roof and their train cars act as wind buffers. Winter is a great time to go because you also get long-range mountain views.

Wicked Weed Brewing Pub and Funkatorium | 91 Biltmore and 147 Coxe Avenue

Some of our favorite beer is made by the people at Wicked Weed. And lucky for us (and you) they have outdoor heaters at their brew pub on Biltmore and their Funkatorium in South Slope. This is one spot you’re likely to find us this winter as we make the slow march to spring, huddled over one an Appalachian IPA or a Coastal Love or a Pernicious or a Freak of Nature or a … haha you get the point.

Zia Taqueria | 521 Haywood Road

Update: Zia’s is now closed as of Spring 2022. In our opinion, we think Zia Taqueria did a really great job pivoting during the pandemic. They were quick to provide a lot of great outdoor seating and they made an easy, contact-less pickup system for to-go orders. So it should be no big surprise that they also have a bunch of outdoor heaters so that you can enjoy some food and drink outdoors in one of our favorite spots in West Asheville.

Zillicoah Beer Company | 870 Riverside Drive

Another craft brewery has made our list of places in Asheville that have outdoor heaters. The only catch is that it’s technically in Woodfin. Regardless, it’s a great spot for a beer by the river. Plus the parking is easy and free and there is a lot of space for kids and dogs. Just keep in mind that it’s 21+ Monday through Saturday. Sunday is family day so you can bring your kids.

Do you know of a place in Asheville with outdoor heaters that should be on this list? Send us an email or leave a comment below. Also, as always, it’s best to call ahead to make sure you have the most up to date information.

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