Best Pizza in Asheville, NC

Erin McGrady sits at a wooden picnic table. You can't see her eyes in the photo but she has a hungry smile on her face. An IPA rests on the table in a glass with the White Labs log on it and a cheese pizza with some basil does as well. The background consists of gravel and a big blue stone and the corner of a chiminea and fire pit.

Ok, it’s no secret that we love coffee, ramen, and cheeseburgers. But one of our all-time favorites is that cheesy goodness we all know and love: pizza. In this post we’re going to share about our favorite spots in Asheville. Are your ready? Here we go: Best Pizza in Asheville, NC. Save it, pin it, share it, whatever you do, keep it handy as you’re going to want to make your way to each of these restaurants. Note: our list does not include chains like Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. We only feature non-chain local businesses in this post of the Best Pizza in Asheville.

All Souls Pizza | 175 Clingman Avenue

Erin McGrady is smiling at a cheese pizza from All Souls that is resting on a round, silver pizza tray on top of a wooden picnic table. There are some small yellow flowers in the background.
The tomato and cheese pizza from All Souls.

One of the best pizza places in Asheville is All Souls Pizza. Their pizzas are soooo good. We love whatever they have on special and are a big fan of the pizza with greens, leeks, fromage blanc, and mozzarella. Another one we like is the garlic sausage, sweet pepper ferment, red onion, and fontina pizza. If you’re not sure what to order just go for the cheese and tomato. It’s fantastic. We typically get three at a time so that we can taste a bunch of flavors and have a couple slices leftover for lunch. The dine-in area is cool because you can sit at the bar and watch them make your pizza. They’ve also got a really nice outdoor patio and lawn area that’s kid-friendly.

828 Family Pizzeria | 946 Merrimon Avenue

We’re still getting used to the name change. 828 Family Pizzeria used to be called Marcos. Then a few years back they switched it up. Regardless, the pizza is delicious. We usually order a large pizza and add basil and mushrooms. This is our go-to spot when we are really hungry and we want a lot of good food for our buck. The pies are big and two slices usually make us full with some leftover.

PIE.ZAA | 46 Millard Avenue

A view of a big cheese pizza slice in a cardboard box that is in the shape of a piece of pizza. The box and pizza slice are resting on a black table, outdoors, with the PIE.ZAA logo on it.
No list of the best pizza in Asheville would be complete without a nod to PIE.ZAA!

PIE.ZAA bills itself as the best late-night pizza in Asheville but it’s delicious even if you’re not out late. (You can get this pizza during ‘regular’ hours as well.) It’s got a slightly cripsy bottom that’s stretched thin, a flavorful crust that’s the perfect amount of saltiness, and lots of gooey cheese. You can get a single slice or pizza or leave with a huge box. You may have even seen people with it around town – it’s the pizza in the huge black box, enough to feed you, your partner, and a few of your friends. We’ve had the cheese and the pepperoni and both are among our favorite in Asheville. Bonus: it’s just down the street from Burial Beer, one of our favorite beer gardens in Asheville.

White Labs Kitchen and Tap | 172 South Charlotte Street

No conversation about the best pizza in Asheville is complete without mentioning White Labs. Wood-fired pizza, craft beer, and a place that makes yeast? Yeah, it really exists and it’s here in Asheville! Pre-Covid we took a tour of the facility and then had dinner, drinks, and pizza. It was a really unique date. The beer was brewed with their yeast and the dough was made from their yeast. Both were super tasty. White Labs has the usual pepperoni and cheese pizzas as well as a salmon and sweet potato pizza. They’ve also got a vegan option. Lastly, they also have a take and bake kit where you can buy the dough and the toppings and then make your pie at home.

Asheville Pizza and Brewing | Three Asheville Locations

Entertainment, pizza, and beer. Pizza and beer are often enough for most people but Asheville Pizza and Brewing also shows movies. And tickets to most of them are only $3.00 a person. It seriously makes for a super fun and affordable date night. (Covid has forced Asheville Pizza and Brewing to put a stop to their movies but they are certain to be back! Stay tuned and check their website for updates.)

Cucina 24 | 24 Wall Street

There are so many delicious things to order on the menu at Cucina 24 but it’s hard not to order their pizza. Their mushroom, besciamella (white sauce), arugula, and rosemary pizza is a solid pick. So too, is ordering a ton of unique appetizers and then getting a simple mozzarella and tomato pie. No matter what you order you can count on Cucina 24 to have some of the best pizza in Asheville because of their commitment to fresh ingredients, many of which are grown by local farmers.

Best Pizza in Asheville Recap

So the long and short of it is that when it comes to where to find the best pizza in Asheville, you’ve got options. You can have simple, straightforward pies, you can have creative, uniquely-topped pizza, and you can of course have them both with some of Asheville’s other specialty: craft beer.

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Erin McGrady is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer exploring Asheville and beyond. My work focuses on sharing about LGBTQ safe spaces, camper van life, and the outdoors.

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