13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring

The first official day of spring is March 20th. And if you’re anything like us you’ll be counting down the days until we get there. (As I write there are 37 left…we’re heading into the homestretch!) There’s a lot to love when it’s cold out (did you see our post on some of our favorite winter things to do in Asheville?) But we get really excited at the thought of spring. Why? Here’s why! Our 13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring.

13. Everything turns green again.

This alone makes us happy. We know that in some places, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can actually get better views in the winter. But we’d be lying if we don’t get giddy when we see the first green buds on the trees. Spring in Asheville is awesome because everything gets really lush and beautiful. The mountains literally look like emeralds.

mountain view in Asheville, North Carolina
At sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

12. Race season begins!

Some of y’all never quit racing and it’s so inspiring! You go from Turkey Trot to Jingle Bell jog and roll right into the new year fit and tuned. Since you never really have an off-season then technically race season isn’t really beginning for you. But for the rest of us, spring gives us a reason to lace up in the winter and then an April or May race is the perfect way to welcome in the season. But on that note, who’s training for a spring race?!

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring
5K? 10K? Half-marathon? Marathon? Ultra??

11. Shorts, tees and flip flops

This is basically our uniform once it gets warm out. And it stays this way until it gets cold again. Our motto? Toes out til it snows out haha. Are you with us?

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring

10. Longer days

I’m a winter solstice baby – my birthday is on the shortest day of the whole year. Thankfully one of the best presents I get each year is the start of longer days. It’s the turning of a corner and realizing that my old lady winter bed time of 8:30pm can actually extend towards a more reasonable 10 haha.

9. Farmers Markets

Is anybody else tired of eating carrots and potatoes? Don’t get me wrong, we love those veggies and am thankful for the freshness they bring to the table in the winter but by the end of December we start lusting after sugar snap peas, lettuces, radishes, strawberries and all the other things that come up out of the earth. We’ve enjoyed a CSA the last couple of years and get pumped when we get the message that it’ll be starting back up again.

8. Yard Sales

Why is it that other people’s stuff is so darn interesting and awesome? Will anyone else admit to doing a U-turn in the middle of traffic for a yard sale?

7. Opening Day!

If the ‘thwack’ of the ball on the bat doesn’t get your heart pumping that’s ok, not everyone loves sports. To me though, spring will always remind me of the many, many good times I had with my friends on a softball diamond. And playing catch with my dad in the backyard. How many of you will be going to opening day?! Our home team here in Asheville is the Tourists. Hoping to get to at least one game this year!

6. [Insert your favorite activity here] with the windows open

Driving, studying, cooking, reading, cleaning, road tripping. Doesn’t really matter what it is you’re doing, if you can do it with the windows open (or better yet, do it outside) it’s even better. Oh and we have a road ready playlist for you if your activity calls for a little music!

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring
Caroline and our old Chinook!

5. Hammocks

The recipe for a perfect lazy day always includes a hammock. And bare feet. Know what I’m saying?!

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring
Make a date with a hammock – you won’t regret it!

4. Camping

This one goes unsaid, right? Spring is the perfect time to camp. It’s not too hot, not too cold. And if you’re really lucky, it’s not super buggy yet. There are so many places to go camping here in Asheville the most difficult part of camping might be choosing where to go!

3. Festival Season

Too many good ones to name and all different kinds! Music festivals, food festivals, art festivals, film festivals! Aaaaaah!!!!

2. Riding bikes

Once the temperatures creep back up into the fifties we find ourselves dusting off our bikes and putting air back into the tires. That first ride of the season always feels amazing even if it makes us realize we’re not exactly in riding shape just yet.

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring
Riding bike just never gets old!

1. The lawnmower smell (and the beers that go with it.)

This one probably doesn’t even need an explanation. And you most likely don’t even need the lawnmower smell to give you a reason to drink a beer. Especially if it’s one from Burial made right here in Asheville. Mmmm…beer.

13 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

13 Reasons to Be Psyched for Spring Recap:

How many of these ideas have YOU looking forward to spring? What did we leave off? We’d love to know what your favorite things to do in the spring are. Please leave them in the comments below.

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